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Updating packages to yesterdays HEAD of master

65d36f019 django-formtools: adjust Makefile style
fe7121044 django-ranged-response: adjust Makefile style
a7308d266 django-simple-captcha: adjust Makefile style
4e8697e1f django-webpack-loader: adjust Makefile style
f33f686f4 pyjwt: adjust Makefile style
436426307 python-certifi: adjust Makefile style
e0a0f92eb python-defusedxml: adjust Makefile style
37ebbb545 python-oauthlib: adjust Makefile style
8b03ed312 python-qrcode: adjust Makefile style
41b1b0811 mg: add new package/microscopic emacs style editor
1986261e8 libgpg-error: Add ARC support
012e4c1d7 clamav: Remove build hacks
a55f835da Merge pull request #9021 from neheb/err
a93ad7168 libdmapsharing: update to 3.9.7
6dad1026d Merge pull request #8924 from neheb/clamb
ef77f9940 python-rcssmin: restore & update removed package
016ef28df django-compressor: add missing dependencies.
22060a77b Merge pull request #9007 from cotequeiroz/makefile_style
894a33087 Merge pull request #9036 from MikePetullo/libdmapsharing
36d0c59e9 python: adjust recursive dep text, misc
65009e812 treewide: Add PACKAGE_* conds to python packages
59e48a68b php7: update to 7.2.18
21a3086e4 dmapd: update to 0.0.82
727d2b5a6 Merge pull request #9037 from MikePetullo/dmapd
971b2a521 python: refresh LICENSE information
00f90974b python3: refresh LICENSE information
b35e60799 node-serialport-bindings: add new package - fix powerpc build fail
ad991b437 node-serialport: fix powerpc build fail
c2093cf4d Merge pull request #9046 from nxhack/fix_powerpc_fail
69921bd3f Merge pull request #9045 from nxhack/serialport_bindings
a505e173d Merge pull request #9039 from cotequeiroz/python_conditional
c552f138e Merge pull request #9040 from cotequeiroz/python-license
c771ed1f6 Merge pull request #9016 from nxhack/mg_for_emacsian
05cd0c24a Merge pull request #8993 from cotequeiroz/rcssmin
e4fe8dba5 stunnel: update version to 5.54
a532909c1 Merge pull request #9038 from TDT-AG/pr/20190520-stunnel
d396d84d5 python-jdcal: restore & update removed package
1044ca095 python-et_xmlfile: restore & update removed package
5ea5d69ed openpyxl: bump to 2.6.2, add python3, fix depends
9543d1d1b luajit: permit building on macos host
32aaaaa7d xtables-addons: pass correct flags to compile and install
d62d17f60 Merge pull request #9048 from ldir-EDB0/luajit
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SvenRoederer committed May 21, 2019
1 parent d8f2d64 commit d6faf32e9e894f452d5c433a9f42ac135e30dd2b
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 feeds.conf
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
src-git packages^c2870de91fc0ef6458640bb660e33f35b8bdcad0
src-git packages^d62d17f6051bc341b186a0106b14cf46d1e95460
src-git luci^a7d35ede739f5a3135d3b690bb1b58e56fc61aea
src-git freifunk^3453fe95e3b5c94a2050b04f4bc3d187b27a9c51
src-git routing^040b8e875070831bb8b40b627ff026f306ef8cf6

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