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mt76x8: flag target as broken (#1533)

The MT76x8 is currently not stable enough for worry-free use with Gluon.
It suffers from reboots in intervals as little as 12 hours or WiFi
freezes for several hours.

It may be unflagged as soon the situation with mt76 got better.
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blocktrron authored and rotanid committed Sep 17, 2018
1 parent 9de78e2 commit 728d1ffdb1a3dd3a6db68770a5bb78e8ae851cd1
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@@ -15,7 +15,6 @@ $(eval $(call GluonTarget,x86,64))
ifneq ($(GLUON_WLAN_MESH_11s)$(BROKEN),)
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ipq40xx))
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ramips,mt7620))
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ramips,mt76x8))
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ramips,rt305x))

@@ -24,4 +23,5 @@ $(eval $(call GluonTarget,ar71xx,mikrotik)) # BROKEN: no sysupgrade support
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,brcm2708,bcm2710)) # BROKEN: Untested
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ipq806x)) # BROKEN: unstable wifi drivers
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,mvebu,cortexa9)) # BROKEN: No AP+IBSS or 11s support
$(eval $(call GluonTarget,ramips,mt76x8)) # BROKEN: unstable WiFi

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