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Node role list in site.conf not working/ignored #1851

dr2okevin opened this issue Nov 5, 2019 · 2 comments


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@dr2okevin dr2okevin commented Nov 5, 2019

Bug report

What is the problem?
changing the node role via web interface in Gluon 2019.1 is not possible, because the drop down contains only the default value.

What is the expected behaviour?
I would expect a drop down that contains all roles defined in the site.conf roles -> list section

Gluon Version:

Site Configuration:

Custom patches:

@NeoRaider NeoRaider self-assigned this Nov 5, 2019
@NeoRaider NeoRaider closed this in a3a8d96 Nov 5, 2019
NeoRaider added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 5, 2019
Fixes: 4249d65 ("treewide: fix luacheck warnings")
Closes: #1851
(cherry picked from commit a3a8d96)

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@rubo77 rubo77 commented Nov 6, 2019

this must be fixed in 2019.1.x too


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@mweinelt mweinelt commented Nov 6, 2019

See 4942602.

Dark4MD pushed a commit to Dark4MD/gluon that referenced this issue Nov 6, 2019
b99e77d5c remove artifacts from de3be2388393ed28e44d2714c25eee9b9886e820
5248d3719 freifunk profile_berlin: add default section for 802.11s
de3be2388 freifunk-common: add default configuration for 802.11s interfaces
071e540e3 luci-app-attendedsysupgrade: refactor and format
76cf6533d luci-app-attendedsysupgrade: update to new api
30d9bc02b luci-app-nlbwmon: Fixed incorrect period parameter/display
23029f516 treewide: avoid double-escaping CBI section labels
28e852f4e luci-base: dispatcher: support raw values in attr() and ifattr()
a0ae6c97f Merge pull request #2504 from aparcar/openwrt-18.06
ac90b1bc3 luci-app-attendedsysupgrade: fixup error_box
449d5ad6d Merge pull request #2494 from aparcar/18.06-unify
98ae788eb luci-app-attendedsysupgrade: new api, unify status
4c45a5259 luci-mod-rpc: drop "secret" value from rpc session objects
43959e3ab luci-app-lxc: add aarch64 to target map
3ff3b9e86 luci-app-lxc: add i686 to target map Add i686 to target map so i386 container templates are usable.
6f6641d97 luci-base: fix UCI changelog markup mistake
a11f4ac2e treewide: rework uci change display
f1a5b179d luci-base: fix cbi dropdown quirks with MS Edge
1f423b114 Merge pull request #2451 from pmelange/backport/PR2450-luci_mod-freifunk_basics
8fe6f04d6 Merge pull request #2449 from pmelange/backport/PR2448-luci_mod-freifunk_get_all
14456d30f luci-mod-freifunk: fix the list of community profiles
fb9721244 luci-mod-freifunk: replace calls to get_all() with separate get() calls
04d60f214 timezone data: update to 2018i
3dea6b5bc Merge pull request #2355 from pmelange/freifunk_backport_18.06
12534ad03 luci-app-olsr: reenable the "auto refresh" feature
a3bfc596b luci-app-olsr change ccs style to use class "left" instead of "style=text-align: left"
94a1673fc luci-app-olsr: make cosmetic changes.
68fb3b279 community-profiles: change subnet of mesh_network option for Berlin
02bd34be1 get rid of library version numbers in luci olsrd code
e98580b05 community-profiles: create profile for Fürstenwalde
f7e420150 luci-app-olsr: convert olsr.lua and smartgw.htm to new json plugin
bfad30246 luci-app-olsr: convert mid.htm to new json plugin
34d13c0c6 luci-app-olsr: convert interfaces.htm to new json plugin
2dd31c4ff luci-app-olsr: convert olsr.lua and overview.htm to new json plugin
12b0b31bb luci-base: network.lua add ipv6-prefix-assignment support to get_status_by_address
bcfd7cf05 luci-app-olsr: cbi remove library version numbers in library search results
63a72b3bf freifunk profiles: add nameserver from
60dfc7348 luci-app-olsr-services: Don't use the nameservice with a specific version.
5e8708345 luci-mod-network: adapt to current 802.11r defaults
3787301e3 applications: drop luci-app-asterisk
44f91bb26 Merge pull request #2278 from sotux/openwrt-18.06
3dc653cd8 i18n: luci-app-uhttpd: add initial Simplified Chinese translation
d6925de33 i18n: luci-base: update Simplified Chinese translation
1fe70f3b4 i18n: luci-app-firewall: update Simplified Chinese translation
8e1579c55 luci-app-adblock: sync translations
59383800e luci-app-travelmate: sync translations
0cfd99cb0 i18n: sync translations
9f94fe3a7 i18n: luci-app-firewall: cleanup multiple definitions in uk/firewall.po
197827ffe i18n: luci-app-addblock: cleanup multiple definitions in zh-cn/adblock.po
01fe78349 i18n: fix german base.po
b3d4b84aa timezone data: update to 2018g
463fb0411  timezone data: update to 2018f
55ebe88f4 luci-app-openvpn: remove obsolete config options
b3cbe89b2 luci-app-openvpn: fix template based config creation
69325c11b timezone data: update to 2018e
9541751f7 luci-app-adblock: sync with adblock 3.5.5
650375611 Merge pull request #2109 from kagurazakakotori/openwrt-18.06
4f4b28b78 luci-app-adblock: fix chinese translation
f64b15234 luci-app-firewall: allow "open ports" when no wan zone exists
f4da0b8cf luci-mod-admin-full: applyreboot doesn't reload page
e0599d506 luci-mod-admin-full: fix broken applyreboot page
f9121fd86 luci-theme-material: fix theme for applyreboot page changes
199eac416 luci-base: mark password template dummy field as hidden
a49e4e4d5 Correct grammar in apply_widget.htm
8bb487332 luci-base: update Chinese translation
8407d90aa luci-base: update Polish translation
5d1d6915c luci-base: update Polish translation
3d5d9dc57 luci-mod-admin-full: Fix DSL Stats display of dB statistics
7d69fa6a5 Merge pull request #2018 from chris5560/18.06-ddns
2da3f93fe Merge pull request #2016 from chris5560/openwrt-18.06
5ec72617e luci-theme-bootstrap: fix CSS regression in kernel/system log pages
9beff0720 luci-app-adblock: "final" fixes
cc4310817 luci-app-travelmate: "final" fixes
e290fe917 fix compilation failure when luasrcdiet is being copied to non existing directory
1983dc615 Merge pull request #2014 from dibdot/travelmate-18.06
d844d5132 Merge pull request #2013 from dibdot/adblock-18.06
7f5b296e3 luci-app-ddns[18.06]: remove myself as PKG_MAINTAINER
b0dce7a68 luci-app-radicale[18.06]: remove myself as PKG_MAINTAINER
56266d070 luci-app-travelmate: backport 1.2.1 to 18.06 branch
bf5dd5837 luci-app-adblock: backport 3.5.4 to 18.06 branch
6df9a57ef luci-theme-openwrt: style tweaks for DSL status display
c26709a85 luci-theme-bootstrap: style tweak for DSL status display
db5bde618 luci-mod-admin-full: rework DSL Status display
d05f442ad luci-mod-admin-full: fix style glitch on packages page
ea0951309 luci-base: fix luasrcdiet
680a6d2ad luci-proto-relay: propagate up state, do not forward netifd errors
520afa4c3 luci-base: fix footer template
7e5331f15 treewide: rework rollback/apply workflow
64e3fe9f6 luci-base: xhr.js: decode JSON for POST requests as well
186228e36 luci-base: utils: support multiple return values in util.ubus()
58bd130a8 luci-mod-admin-full: abbreviate "MAC-Address" as "MAC" to align with rest
198474f69 luci-mod-admin-full: fix wifi overview display when no networks are defined
667f73a42 ff_olsrd_watchdog: delete existing tunnels
df614ffd4 luci-base: strip superfluous space in additional field markup
867fcff8b luci-theme-openwrt: fix button placement quirk
97b3e5773 luci-base: cbi.js: fade to-be-deleted section when hovering delete button
6cf7d11e1 luci-base: cbi.js: use adjacent button dynlist add/remove buttons
d7d15f6c5 luci-base: rework reveal/hide CBI password template button
97e647bb2 luci-theme-bootstrap: add styling for input-adjacent buttons
b8a0b617a luci-theme-openwrt: add styling for input-adjacent buttons
516ce4af7 luci-mod-admin-full: unify "Alias interface" and "Alias Interface" strings
bcb8d8969 luci: do not depend on uhttpd-mod-ubus
024fa3cf3 luci-theme-openwrt: support rendering tblsection cell descriptions
81682971d luci-base: add description annotations to tblsection cells
03b6d77ee luci-base: update Polish translation
ffed0206b luci-proto-ncm: remove unrelated options
a6b2b29dc luci-proto-ncm: add pdptype option
cd72e1d97 Merge pull request #1992 from sotux/openwrt-18.06_zh_CN
7501bf6f5 Merge pull request #1996 from EricLuehrsen/unbound_1806_doc
d6f8ac1a7 luci-base: zh_CN: Update Simplified Chinese translation
ad0d3f503 luci-app-unbound: point documentation to 18.06 branch
14c73faf3 collections: drop nginx support for 18.06
1d32ea9b0 luci-mod-admin-full: fix check for traceroute6
9724d7661 luci-base: fix Russian translation
4c87b8345 luci-app-upnp: update Russian translation
ed4f4644e Update Russian translation
4b267cecf luci-app-simple-adblock: remove extra controller file
968f9dc0a luci-base: update Ukrainian translation
11e9a5503 luci-app-upnp: update Ukrainian translation
18c8e1fe5 luci-app-wol: update Ukrainian translation
c81359898 luci-base: fix bad CSS class names in table section template
39401a761 luci-app-ocserv: remove unneeded br element from template
5b34fbaab luci-app-ocserv: update user status template
5bbf669c8 luci-base: update Japanese translation
da600939f i18n: sync translations
beb9ab2da luci-proto-ncm: add modem default mode
16837a5d0 luci-admin-full: add further wifi options
758c66b9d luci-admin-full: add dnsmasq allservers option
69a4c258f luci-app-simple-adblock: change style of button to important
b9166ca96 luci-app-advanced-reboot: change style of buttons to important
5fc6bc7d9 luci-app-ddns: update and improve Russian translation
d3bfc5d03 luci-base: fix a typo in Russian translation
91238dccc luci-theme-bootstrap: allow pointer events on readonly textareas and dropdowns
5d4c365f1 luci-theme-openwrt: fix another instance of misplaced page action button
8d88802b8 luci-mod-admin-full: use incremental background scanning for wireless join
5ea795a4b luci-theme-openwrt: fixes for page action button placement
fbc02d33a luci-theme-bootstrap: various fixes
0b44d33dd luci-mod-admin-full: properly reset internal device form field
d7c868a05 luci-base: rework CBI footer template
bea5187f3 luci-base: rework tblsection template
24b924bfe luci-base: rework simpleform template
392fd0238 luci-base: cbi.js: add cbi_submit() helper
c0612e820 luci-mod-admin-full: offer "Cancel" button in iface add dialog
94b6aa2a8 luci-base: remove unused icons
53686fd49 luci-base: update and improve Russian translation
0b00ceef0 luci-base: fix Russian translation
984a1afcf luci-app-simple-adblock: new start/stop button, better integration with simple-adblock
a7e1edf93 luci-app-upnp: update Ukrainian translation
8d882e559 luci-base: update Ukrainian translation
b49c62b2e base.po: Update chinese translations.
bf2c25e44 luci-base: fix Russian translation
edbcdef15 luci-base: Avoid block umount on fstab apply
efff0139b luci-base: resync translations
b8b87182f luco-proto-ipv6: allow multiple prefixes for 6in4 and dhcpv6
4da137e89 luci-base: fix field section add button/input field names
911219898 luci-mod-admin-full: fix changing alias interface ifnames
9cc24e6c6 luci-base: fix handling alias interfaces in ifacelist widget
cd8fc0013 luci-base: recognize alias interfaces
d03537c2d luci-mod-admin-full: improve interface overview display
8a7cd70d4 luci-theme-bootstrap: small style fix for link buttons
98adc98f7 luci-mod-admin-full: fix wifi add and scan actions
f974cfe09 luci-base: update german translation
16aa088ca luci-base: update Polish translation
fb817df83 openwrt-18.06: merge master
b38306dce luci-base: xhr: increase poll request timeout
053682c4c luci-theme-bootstrap: margin fix for multiple wifs on status overview
98f4c3cf5 Merge pull request #1933 from Ansuel/hostname_upnp
524ce90c4 luci-base: resync base translations
aef1c2fca luci-mod-admin-full: differentiate between disabled and not associated wireless
4115f8cc5 luci-app-advanced-reboot: fix translation string
4381a27ef luci-theme-material: table and button style fixes
58cee7986 luci-theme-openwrt: cleanup CSS
887d0a685 luci-theme-bootstrap: cleanup CSS
4f0dfb6ab luci-mod-admin-full: tweak interface and wireless overview markup
572210500 luci-app-upnp: tweak table markup
22e4a2420 luci-base: tweak tblsection markup
777ffa948 luci-mod-admin-full: small wifi overview markup fix
a0e5e8a9d luci-theme-bootstrap: compress color names, fix table striping
b7bf164fe luci-mod-admin-full: produce valid JSON in status/realtime/connections_status
401898a43 luci-proto-qmi: register further network error codes
5f2aa8d47 luci-proto-ncm: register further network error codes
80ed1af63 luci-proto-ipv6: register further network error codes
85bc16605 luci-base: add icons for alias interfaces
c4dca3679 luci-mod-admin-full: rework interface overview page
54c9a77bd luci-mod-admin-full: expose errors, description and up state in net status
94be4881a luci-base: add error reporting and basic support for dynamic interfaces
be2b83c9f luci-mod-admin-full: reimplement wireless overview page as cbi model
d4e52ca03 luci-base: apply_widget: various fixes
674b090d3 luci-base: xhr.js: use JSON.parse() and pass request duration to callbacks
0d96655f8 luci-theme-openwrt: consolidate font sizes and button styles
6f773999a luci-mod-admin-full: improve text contrast in realtime graphs
6d5d1473c Merge pull request #1945 from stangri/luci-app-advanced-reboot
3c332e456 luci-app-advanced-reboot: support for Linksys WRT32X
36b6d9874 Merge pull request #1937 from LuKePicci/luci-proto-ppp_pppoe_host-uniq
265b0ebbd luci-proto-ppp: expose pppoe host_uniq tag setting
4a083f6d2 luci-base: fix placement of CBI strings
9651be295 luci-theme-material: table layout fixes and minor CSS corrections
994531ea2 luci-app-adblock: align blocklist markup with recent changes
8e1011884 luci-mod-admin-full: rework connection status table handling
6cda8e6da luci-base: cbi.js: avoid setting empty cell title attributes
690f3f13a luci-theme-bootstrap: add CSS fixes for IE 11
bf084f7f9 luci-theme-openwrt: add CSS fixes for IE 11
260d2cc44 luci-base: cbi.js: add NodeList.forEach() polyfill for IE 11
c0de036b3 treewide: always include cbi.js
069c0c93e luci-mod-admin-full: use sans-serif fonts for realtime graph legends
7c404d72e luci-mod-admin-full: small markup fixes for placeholder texts
ecedfe5dc luci-mod-admin-full: style and script fixes for realtime bandwidth graph
bce7543d8 Merge pull request #1944 from rwalli/patch-1
140f41b40 Add description
d35be37b8 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1871 from felixonmars/patch-1
e617902c9 Merge pull request #1942 from Rixerx/master
4b8e0f834 luci-base: update Polish translation
711d1036c Merge pull request #1941 from musashino205/l10n/base-upd-ja
057c71a67 luci-base: update Japanese translation
885f99359 Merge pull request #1939 from Ansuel/luci-nginx
639bbc182 luci-nginx: fix nginx dependency
26d90f0c1 luci-base: update Ukrainian translation
84f86ad7b base.po: Update chinese translations.
e8a9a6695 luci-theme-bootstrap: minor style fixes
04bec5695 luci-base: resync translations
e489a82ac luci-mod-admin-full: rework flashops page markup
afd14fb9c luci-app-upnp: add hostname info
50b88a435 luci-mod-admin-full: fix flashops url generation for config tab
65ba4b8b8 luci-mod-admin-full: check backup.tar.gz on apply
ddbde3caa luci-mod-admin-full: improve reboot page
cde13dc24 Revert "luci-lib-json: depend on luci-base"
8ca29efec luci-lib-json: depend on luci-base
7b43e6721 luci-mod-admin-full: improve Y-axis scaling in bandwidth graph
9f2672f2c Merge pull request #1929 from pleasantone/mwan3_interface_aliases
b0486ab5d luci-app-mwan3: fix aliased interfaces (@wan6)
1510111fa Merge pull request #1925 from YuriPet/master
4097a6333 luci-mod-admin-full: fix uci revert success message
04e483d16 luci-theme-openwrt: minor mobile style fixes
2ee1873ac luci-theme-openwrt: add further style tweaks
30eaba02f luci-mod-admin-full: cleanup markup on flashops page
b693baaa6 luci-mod-admin-full: rework wireless network status indicator
3aba61502 luci-base: rework "in request" flagging logic for menu nodes
d0298e4cd luci-base: update Ukrainian translation
1455ab657 luci-app-firewall: update Ukrainian translation
2e2dab3e5 Merge pull request #1924 from dibdot/lxc_fix
1f2d40b50 luci-app-lxc: add backingstore support
3699509ed Merge pull request #1921 from musashino205/l10n/fw-upd-ja
1fd3a1663 Merge pull request #1920 from dibdot/lxc_fix
b198de11b luci-app-lxc: small fixes & cosmetics
ad08b5657 luci-app-firewall: update Japanese translation
ca0a086a2 i18n: sync translations
1a36f0307 Merge pull request #1902 from panda-mute/patch-1
532846c3d luci-theme-bootstrap: fix input width in table cells
485e5c930 luci-app-upnp: cleanup UPnP lease status markup
c405b23ab luci-mod-admin-full: unify DHCP lease status code
c61c5deac luci-base: add host_hints to DHCPv6 leases
ccbb17d26 Merge pull request #1915 from Ansuel/upgrade
b5d5e5bf1 luci-base: update luasrcdiet
167d37130 luci-theme-material: fix switch status display
8d7869f67 luci-mod-admin-full: properly remap ports in switch status display
60c5d15e9 luci-mod-admin-full: fix possible switch status layout bug
2efcc53f2 luci-theme-openwrt: add some compatibility styles
62f5c22f8 Merge pull request #1912 from Ansuel/fixassoci
c32097d7d luci-theme-freifunk-generic: fix & modernize
5818a90df luci-mod-admin-full: fix missing wifi_assoclist
0d9a64b3b Merge pull request #1881 from TDT-AG/pr/20180614-luci-mod-admin-full-fix-ssh-key-textarea
6ff7f34ee luci-mod-admin-full: report SNR unit as dB, not dBm
1b0165645 Merge pull request #1906 from ldir-EDB0/typofix
002c4d1d5 luci-base: add "Name" label to autogenerated title column
211d8bc55 luci-theme-bootstrap: render tblsection row titles
18d92aca5 luci-base: annotate tblsection description row as well
e3d02b1a4 luci-theme-bootstrap: remove unused styles
b79982e5d luci-mod-admin-full: fix average traffic calculation in realtime bandwidth
ff55e7f6b luci-mod-admin-full: fix initializing realtime graphs
e5ba594d7 luci-base, luci-mod-admin-full: unify wifi assoclist code
86c6c60a0 luci-mod-admin-full: replace status page legend tags with h3 (#1907)
483c9d35b Merge pull request #1895 from jow-/master
7cf8f9718 luci-app-rp-pppoe: Fix typo
c7ee1ffcf luci-app-shadowsocks-libev: cleanup section add markup
b4d78d204 luci-mod-admin-full: packages: display available packages by default
db4139b14 luci-app-travelmate: consolidate markup
ce8101ae7 luci-app-upnp: rework lease status indicator
e097d3f73 luci-app-firewall: cleanup template markup
bbf096c79 luci-mod-admin-full: cleanup markup
c4e25bebf luci-theme-material: align CSS with markup changes
b453624dc luci-theme-bootstrap: align CSS with markup changes
f714f684f luci-theme-openwrt: rework and polish OpenWrt theme
d0b91bcca luci-base: globally cleanup markup
a65d55ebc Merge pull request #1905 from ldir-EDB0/bcp38
65cfbd8f7 luci-app-bcp38: improve interface selection dropdown
c4bd6fb7b luci-base: cbi.js: add tooltip handling and responsive table helper code
5142e40f9 luci-app-firewall: update cbi models
69782ccbc luci-base: xhr.js: defer starting poll queue
d024d73da Update 40_luci-transmission
e380cf51f Merge pull request #1894 from YuriPet/patch-2
1dcf85b78 luci-app-firewall: update Ukrainian translation
6cc547fdc Merge pull request #1891 from YuriPet/master
a72c19751 Merge pull request #1892 from musashino205/l10n/fw-upd-ja
88f03a614 luci-app-firewall: update Japanese translation
7001e8f3b luci-app-firewall: sync translations
fef02b31e luci-base: update Ukrainian translation
83dc5e075 luci-app-firewall: update Ukrainian translation
de62263f7 luci-app-upnp: update Ukrainian translation
86ed5ab65 Correcting native name Ukrainian language.
52de52e3e Merge pull request #1889 from Ansuel/lucnginx
0a6ad23f2 luci-nginx: add nginx support file
24fb85205 Merge pull request #1886 from musashino205/l10n/fix-syntax-uk
fe591dd1c i18n: fix syntax errors in Ukrainian po
0251603f0 luci-mod-admin-full: fix empty SSH-Keys issue
b5a43cf87 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1862 from Ansuel/lucidep
8798bb22b Merge pull request #1879 from sotux/master_zh_CN
934e954a7 luci-app-firewall: zh_CN: change better translation for offloading
90bf08af8 luci-nginx: add nginx metapackages
9abf409a3 Merge pull request #1877 from Ansuel/ddnsipkg
5d1605ecc Merge pull request #1876 from ldir-EDB0/wgurl
492d4d91b luci-app-ddns: use standard pkg info function
8f6701971 wireguard: update wireguard url
d3aa12b8e luci-app-firewall: Fix typo in forwards redirect
8363d0ad6 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1875 from YuriPet/master
658d11e75 luci-app-firewall: disable port fields when protocol is not TCP or UDP
cebe38dcf luci-app-firewall: update Ukrainian translation
0c410c848 luci-base: update Ukrainian translation
8a4c3a01b Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1874 from Rixerx/master
ad5f768c4 luci-base: update Polish translation
fad02ac8d Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1868 from sotux/master-zh_CN
966e86cd0 luci-app-adblock: update Simplified Chinese translation
bfcf2189f luci-app-mwan3: update Simplified Chinese translation
434d8baff Fix a typo in
2eb4015e1 luci-app-firewall: recognize egress rules in rule overview
e7866c7dc luci-mod-admin-full: add suggested italian translations
588c8618b luci-mod-admin-full: fix translation interpolation in JS confirm() calls
0e0ee2fed luci-mod-admin-full: git rid of embedded newlines in translation strings
2e7fa89e1 luci-base: update Simplified Chinese translation
81c66069c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1867 from dibdot/adblock
45c2059c1 luci-app-adblock: partly revert last commit
74be6f397 treewide: switch firewall zone, network and iface lists to dropdown code
9d4849072 luci-base: add markup, JS and CSS for new dropdown
4cca96ef0 luci-base: support option aliases in luci.cbi
501f1a900 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1863 from dibdot/adblock
71d296f7c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1864 from Ansuel/master
b46e8c5a6 luci-app-ddns: fix div conversion
53ea80391 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1854 from jollaman999/master
a561d3045 luci-app-adblock: sync with adblock 3.5.3
7be3f0400 luci-base: fix some minor luci.model.uci issues
2d410379c luci-app-ddns: Convert HTML tables to div
4cd08258b Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1835 from Ansuel/ddns-optional
09c3a8385 luci-app-ddns: make param opt, optional, add myself as maintainer
1ce88dced Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1851 from dibdot/lxc_fix
2b43ebe92 luci-app-lxc: made container creation more reliable
2d352a925 luci-base: cbi: atomically reorder uci sections
660e4f550 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1819 from Ansuel/ddns-performance
299121fc8 luci-app-ddns: improve performance
18b5b068c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1846 from musashino205/l10n/base-upd-ja
c4559052c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1847 from dibdot/lxc_fix
babcc14c7 luci-app-lxc: bugfix
f28784b61 luci-base: update Japanese translation
2d196614f luci-base: sync translations
fed315a5e themes: drop errorbox styles
a64ab077d luci-mod-freifunk: use common alert message markup
29b391d7b luci-base: use common alert message markup
724cc2997 luci-mod-admin-full: use common alert message markup
e3bc12da6 themes: unify no-password / no-javascript alert boxes
298d164dd luci-base: update coxpcall() implementation, fix runtime error reporting
79d793dff themes: adjust CSS for reworked apply widget
542739564 luci-base: add full page overlay during apply
5452cc214 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1845 from dibdot/lxc_fix
7bd1bcaf3 luci-mod-admin-full: fix status page render glitch on Chrome
d8f2f24a5 luci-app-lxc: fix "plain-vanilla" integration, part 3
c3da1fc23 luci-base: cbi.js: remove unused serialize functions
d1df5a6b7 luci-base: cbi.js: fix cbi_row_swap() after recent table markup changes
0d2ae8d65 luci-mod-admin-full: rework network and wifi status displays
879f90d15 luci-theme-material: add new style classes
7875d92c4 luci-theme-bootstrap: add new style classes
f8221b982 luci-theme-openwrt: add new style classes
f0094cc06 luci-mod-admin-full: fix revert page
796d68744 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1839 from EricLuehrsen/unbound_defdoc
d0757f1f4 luci-app-unbound: add root zone file cache option
60ea5dc53 luci-app-unbound: provide transparent defaults with documentation
f6aec9fe2 luci-proto-3g: make it a self-contained package
a013967e6 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1822 from Ansuel/luci-cpuinfo
b8f32b6da luci-admin-full: add architecture info
5e37b724c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1827 from Ansuel/luci-map
067d7dc9f treewide: convert HTML tables to div
79c82237e luci-base: add element creation helper to cbi.js
97a640c83 themes: add forward-compatibility CSS
fb70693b7 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1836 from sotux/master-zh_CN-translation
c69bbd194 luci-app-firewall: zh_CN: update Simplified Chinese translation
402ad57e5 shadowsocks-libev: fix enumerating server and ss_redir sections
6f630b5e6 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1834 from Ansuel/fixpo
c29ffe4df luci-base: fix broken translation
31dfa80d4 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1828 from dibdot/lxc_fix
d9b6c5dd7 luci-app-lxc: fix "plain-vanilla" integration, part 2
247754431 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1833 from ysoyipek/patch-3
2d053d39d Update base.po
c0fc86114 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1832 from musashino205/l10n/fw-upd-ja
a3be23499 luci-app-firewall: update Japanese translation
b4d484e37 luci-app-firewall: sync translations
aadc1f79c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1826 from hnyman/offload
be6dff8f2 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1829 from musashino205/l10n/mwan3-upd-ja
e050337c5 luci-app-mwan3: update Japanese translation
177224c14 luci-app-firewall: expose flow offloading options
2f0c07a2c luci-theme-material: upgrade jquery
9de9a71a9 i18n: one more fix for Polish translation
36654b7f4 i18n: sync, fix and cleanup translations
67ba105de Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1821 from TDT-AG/pr/20180521-protocols-remove-aiccu
9e3fb2c58 luci-proto-ipv6: remove outdated aiccu proto support
c181699bf Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1481 from TDT-AG/luci-app-openvpn-fixes
59d91d8a7 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1818 from dibdot/lxc_fix
e9fa69df1 luci-app-lxc: remove wrong leftover from last commit
77d957c39 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1817 from dibdot/travelmate
85342e2c0 luci-app-travelmate: fix url ampersand encoding
1b2cd8d1c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1808 from dibdot/lxc_fix
fa4dc6be9 luci-app-lxc: fix "plain-vanilla" integration
7acacf2cf Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1814 from Ansuel/lua-interpreter
da1e65529 luci-base: fix dispacher fail
bc8e92863 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1810 from musashino205/l10n/tmate-upd-ja
af19588b9 luci-app-travelmate: update Japanese translation
4b27ad002 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1809 from musashino205/l10n/adblk-upd-ja
d3c1951cb luci-app-adblock: update Japanese translation
ba8e7fd7b Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1805 from musashino205/l10n/base-upd-ja
b01471b1f luci-base: update Japanese translation
b1fd056fa i18n: sync translations
37a4a1c07 luci-mod-admin-full: fix crash on wireless when no networks are declared
fdbb417ab luci-mod-admin-full: do not override iface section in wireless cbi map
64da34b13 luci-base: handle potential crash in
9ed48ef2a luci-base: break circular luci.config <> luci.model.uci dependency
72fe5dd70 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1801 from dibdot/adblock
840f45ecc luci-app-adblock: respect SimpleForm size limit
09de5a74e luci-lib-json: support serializing userdata
364c271a8 luci-mod-rpc: fix unresolved controller reference in rpc_auth()
828202ef5 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1769 from jow-/master
80cb4fef8 luci-base: raise maximum POST value size to 100KB
27b7e4318 lucihttp: update to latest HEAD
521554f4a Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1748 from hnyman/wifidata
7b684361c Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1793 from TDT-AG/pr/20180514-luci-app-ddns-fix-output
7a9957e72 luci-app-ddns: fix HTML page rendering in globals section
47971d220 Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1797 from Rixerx/master
452c161ac Merge pull request freifunk-gluon#1796 from TDT-AG/pr/20180515-luci-app-mwan3-add-param
3782e74cf luci-base: update Polish translation
9a93359d4 luci-app-mwan3: add quality check options
2c6faaecd luci-app-mwan3: add dependecy to size option
9f796fad3 luci-base: add transitional /etc/init.d/ucitrack
fd1ddcc41 luci-mod-admin-full: rework wifi configuration
8deb94955 treewide: rework uci apply workflow
7cca31395 luci-base: enable uci session isolation
4edc9256f luci-base: show wifi chip identification on overview
e88a95ca2 luci-app-openvpn: run '/etc/init.d/openvpn reload' after commit
7c643558a luci-app-openvpn: fix validity check for new instance input field
bab9c12e2 luci-app-openvpn: use initscript to stop instances
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