Freifunk Ilmenau specific Gluon configuration
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Freifunk Ilmenau - Firmware builds

How to build the Gluon based Freifunk Ilmenau Firmware

# Get the official Gluon repository and switch to a Gluon release
git clone -b v201x.y.z git://
# Get the Freifunk Ilmenau site repository and switch to site config release
git clone -b 201x.y.z gluon/site

cd gluon
# Get other repositories used by Gluon
make update
# Build Gluon for a target
make GLUON_TARGET=target


To see a complete list of supported targets, call


without setting GLUON_TARGET.

For further informations about supported hardware and targets please see Supported Devices & Architectures in the official Gluon documentation.


git clone -b v2018.1.1 git://
git clone -b v2018.1.1 gluon/site
cd gluon
make update
make GLUON_TARGET=ar71xx-generic

Additional informations

Please see the official Gluon documentation for a detailed explanation of the build process. You can also consult the official Gluon repository for additional informations.

Gluon releases used for specific Freifunk Ilmenau Firmware builds

  • 2018.1.x: v2018.1.x
  • 1.4.x: v2017.1.x
  • 1.3.x: v2016.2.x
  • 1.2.x: v2016.1.x