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Install a Freifunk super node with ansible
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Install multiple Freifunk super nodes with ansible

The ansible playbook is stored in playbooks/pb_install_all.yaml. The inventory is placed in hosts.yaml


These scripts are testet with and require ansible >= 2.7

  1. You need a public ssh key in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

  2. You need a file root_pwd.yaml for a root password. The file is ignored by git so you will see only an example in this repository. The password must be hashed.

    You can generate a random password with:

    echo "sn_rootpasswd: $(pwgen 16 1 | mkpasswd -s -m sha512crypt)" > root_pwd.yaml


    echo "sn_rootpasswd: $(dd if=/dev/urandom bs=15 count=1 | base64 | mkpasswd -s -m sha512crypt)" > root_pwd.yaml

    You will never know the pasword, but this is ok because we use only public keys for login. See root_pwd.yaml.example.

  3. To use slack you need a file slack_token.yaml in the inventory directory. The file is ignored by git so you will see online an example in this repository.


The installation requires a file root_pwd.yaml with the encrypted root password. The file is excluded from git pull in .gitignore . You have to provide this file. To create this file with an random password, use


supdernode installation

Install both supernodes with:

`ansible-playbook playbooks/pb_install_all.yaml -i hosts.yaml`

Limit to supernode 1:

`ansible-playbook playbooks/pb_install_all.yaml-i hosts.yaml --limit voreifel1`

Limit to supernode 2:

`ansible-playbook playbooks/pb_install_all.yaml -i hosts.yaml --limit voreifel2`

Limit to supernode 99 (Test):

`ansible-playbook playbooks/pb_install_all.yaml -i hosts.yaml --limit voreifel99`


You can use the inventory for automatic changes

Gether information

`ansible all -i hosts.yaml -m setup -u root`

Check time on all servers

`ansible all -i hosts.yaml -m command -a 'date' -u root`

reboot all

ansible --inventory=hosts.yaml -a "/sbin/shutdown -r now" all
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