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Calendar API

Calendar API is a FOSSASIA open-source web service that provides events information of all FOSSASIA community, in ics/iCal or json format.

How it works ?

The API is backed by data retrieved from iCal feeds from FOSSASIA communities. Your community events are not here ? Please follow these simple steps :

  1. Get the link to your community iCal feed (What is iCal ?)
  2. Add it to your community json file, under section feeds, category ics :
   "UELT": {
   "feeds": [
                "name": "calendar",
                "url": "",
                "category": "ics"

You should see your ics feeds added shortly after our ics updater reruns.

How to use

An up-to-date instance of Calendar API is deployed here. That's where you should send all data requests :

You can host your own instace as well. CalendarAPI.php requires 2 dependencies : the ics parser and the merged ics file. To set up your own instance, please follow this directory structure :

   | -- CalendarAPI.php
   | -- data
         | -- ffMerged.ics
   | -- lib
         | -- ICal.php

(or you can just clone the whole repo)


Parameter Required Value Formats Multiple values* Default Value Description
source x all
a community short name
x The community source of event feeds
format ics
json Result format. Note that some other parameters don't work with ics format (fields parameter for example)
fields  start, end, location, summary, description, .. x In json mode, filter the event field to be returned. If this parameter is not specified, the fields will be returned by default : start, end, summary, description, location
from date*
Lower bound of returned events datetime. Based on start time.
to date
Upper bound of returned events datetime. Based on start time.
limit An integer The limit number of return results. If not specified, the API will return as many events as it can.

*Multiple values : Support multiple values, separated by commas

*date-format : YYYY-MM-DD, for e.g. 1997-04-10

*datetime-format : YYYY-MM-DD\TH:m:s, for e.g. 2015-08-16T10:09:59


  • Events from all communities, starting now until the end of 2015, ordered from oldest to latest :
  • Events from halle community, maximum 6 events, and return only fields start, source and url :
  • Simplestquery

## Supported method Only HTTP GET is supported. This is a read-only API, meaning that users can not update events information with this API. It could be updated directly from ics sources.

## Testing

To run API tests :

jasmine-node test_spec.js

Requirement : jasmine-node. To install jasmine-node globally, run this command :

npm install jasmine-node -g

## Contribute We're happy to have reported issues and pull requests. Please clearly specify scenario, API call and API result.