Monitoring of BGP sessions in our Inter City VPN
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Monitoring of BGP sessions in our Inter City VPN


The website is a simple angularjs application that presents data read from a sessions.js. The sessions.js contains information about BGP sessions in JSON format.


  1. Copy web folder to your webserver directory
  2. Create a data folder in the web folder
  3. Configure your webserver to serve index.html

data source

The data source (sessions.js) is created by a nodejs script. The scripts reads yaml files from icvpn-meta repository and combines them with BGP session data from bird. If you want to keep the information on the web page up to date schedule some taks to checkout icvpn-meta repository and run the BirdToJSON.js script.


  1. Clone icvpn-meta repository
  2. Change dataPath variable in BirdToJSON.js to the parent folder of the icvpn-meta data folder
  3. Chage webDataPath in BirdToJSON.js to data folder you created in step 2 of web setup
  4. Install BirdToJSON.js node dependencies (BirdSocket, yamljs, when, q)
  5. Run BirdToJSON.js Node script