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Freifunk München node list
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A Freifunk node list by Freifunk München. Live-Demo

Build Build Status

Copy one of the config.js.* to app/scripts/config.js or create your own config file. Rermember to set downstreamSource if you modify the source.

To build this project, you need the npm programm. You can install it with your favourite distro's package manager. This program can sometimes be found in the nodejs package.

After that, you can run npm run build to build the project into the dist directory. The created content in dist can then be statically served by your favourite webserver.

It would be nice, if add yourself to the list of instances.

During development. npm run serve:dev and npm run serve:dist comes in handy.


  • Procrastinate
  • Wait for w2ui 1.4.3 successor release (includes bug fix)
  • Use bower for libs
  • Use site configuration file
  • Use grunt/what ever to compile everything into one small file
  • More columns
    • Link Quality
    • IPs (with links)
    • "Has location"
    • Fancy icons who show a lot of different informations at once (online? + has VPN? + ...)
    • Link to stats
  • Honour libs in about
  • Async data loading
  • Automatic/manual reloading
  • Freifunk design
  • Use JS Modules
  • Make default visibility of columns configurable
  • Better solution for About button workaround


Please try to stick to the coding style.

Don't hesitate to send a pull request. Seriously. Just do it!

Questions? Ask Skruppy.


Community/Instance name Instance link Source/patches/repo link
Freifunk Aachen Instance
Freifunk Altdorf Instance Source
Freifunk Bad Griesbach Instance Source
Freifunk Möhne Arnsberg Instance
Freifunk Möhne Balve-Kierspe Instance
Freifunk Möhne Biggesee Instance
Freifunk Möhne Meschede/Bestwig Instance
Freifunk Möhne Möhnesee Instance
Freifunk Möhne Soest Instance
Freifunk Möhne Soester Umland Instance
Freifunk Möhne Sundern Instance
Freifunk Möhne Warstein Instance
Freifunk München Instance Source
Freifunk Nord Instance Source
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