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Freifunk München specific Gluon configuration
Lua Makefile Python Shell
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domains set BATMAN_V as default routing_algo and restore defaults for gw_sel_… Jul 19, 2019
patches prepare v2019.0.10; update to gluon v2018.2.3 Sep 13, 2019
.gitignore added "output" dir to gitignore Feb 23, 2016 add respondd-module-airtime Sep 13, 2019
Jenkinsfile Jenkinsfile: add mattermost notifications Oct 24, 2016
modules add ap-timer (from ffho) Jul 29, 2019
site.conf Add sign key of @django Aug 8, 2019 add respondd-module-airtime Sep 13, 2019


Check out this repository and execute make, i.e. like this:

git clone site-ffm
cd site-ffm

Further Resources

Look at the site configuration related Gluon documentation for information on site configuration options and examples from other communities.

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