A library in rust for manipulating data on a http://phant.io server.
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notice: Phant has been shut down, with it, this lib is now deprecated

phant-rust Build Status

A library in rust for manipulating data on a Phant server. Check out the generated documentation for detailed information. A more thorough example is provided at examples/main.rs.

Depends on:

To use with cargo:

In your project's Cargo.toml, include:


phant = "*"

To use the library, include the crate with extern crate phant; and then use it:

let mut phant = phant::Phant::new("http://data.sparkfun.com", "your_public_key", "your_private_key", Some("your_delete_key"));

//         COLUMN NAME        DATA VALUE
phant.add("computer_name",   "my-computer");
phant.add("external_ip",     "123.321.111.222");
phant.add("internal_ip",     "");

phant.push().ok().expect("Pushing to server did not succeed");

As you can see, the delete key is optional, but if you attempt delete_stream(), an error will be thrown.