An amalgamation of many small fun applications running on the Play! Framework mainly for fun and educational purposes.
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This site is hosted at It is fetched from github and redeployed every morning at 5AM CDT.

A list of the apps and their descriptions

  • Clone A pretty much unused application which augments making money in a popular space-themed mmorpg Eve Online.
  • Mcis Cup An application for displaying and maintaining the scores for the morale-boosting competitive events for MCIS.
  • Balance A wallet-style application used for maintaining a fake balance. It works better than post-it notes, I guess.
  • Chili An application to help out with voting and managing entries for chili cook off competitions.

In order to host this yourself, you must install the play framework, mysql, and set up the mysql databases/users. You must create a conf/application.conf. You can use the conf/application.conf.example as a starting point. You must fill in the clone and default db information. You must also make a securesocial.conf. Copy the securesocial.conf.example for a start.

If you've got any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

You're free to use, make money from, deploy, and modify this code.