Blocking Objects

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From the main view, click on "blocking Objects" buttons (in Threads tab) to display blocking objects.

In a object is "Taken", it means a thread is blocked it's waiting for a notification from this object.

With MemoDummy's DeadLockedThreadScript, it's easy to create deadlock where two threads are waiting for a ressource locked by the other thread.

In the "Blocking Object", we can see that two instances of type string are locked:

  • the first one (address: 25C42A8) is locked by thread with id 5 (name: "thread 1: locks A then B") and waited by thread with id 6 (and name: "thread 2: locks B then A")
  • the second one (address: 25C428C) is in opposite situation ie locked by thread #6 and waited by thread #5

So obviusly, thread #5 and #6 are deadlocked !

Nb: the hourglass icon means "waiting for", the lock icon means "locked by"

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