Delegate Targets

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From the main Delegates module, you can display all instances of a type inheriting from MultiCastDelegate:

  • "Targets" : the number of elements in the delegate invocation list
  • "Field Name" : if the delegate instance is a referenced by an instance, this column will display the field and type name

In this example, instances of type "MyIntDelegate" are members of type "ClassWithEventHandlers" in a field named "FirstEventHandler". Have a look at the code where the dump comes from :

public class ClassWithEventHandlers
   public delegate int MyIntDelegate(int x, int y);
   public delegate void MyVoidDelegate(string s);
   public event MyIntDelegate FirstEventHandler;
   public event MyVoidDelegate SecondEventHandler;

Then double click on a instance to display informations about the delegate's invocation list elements ("Targets"):

In this example, the delegate instance has only one "target":

  • Type: FirstCallBacks
  • Method: MyFirstCallBack

Once again, it's consistent with the code :

var obj = new ClassWithEventHandlers();
var firstCallBack = new FirstCallBacks();
var secondCallBack = new SecondCallBacks();
obj.FirstEventHandler += firstCallBack.MyFirstCallBack;
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