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Getting started

Memoscope is a tool to dump a .Net process' memory into a file: all data and threads state are saved.

It's very useful to :

  • debug crashed process: out of memory, dead lock, infinite loop or fatal exception
  • find memory leaks

It can read it and analyze it to find information about:

  • data: display any instance content, query all instances of a type and save data in csv file
  • threads: state, exception, stack trace and content, deadlocks
  • memory: segments, regions, clr roots, loaded modules

It can analyze :

  • strings
  • references "patterns"
  • delegates
  • arrays
  • root path


  • Source Code: clone the repository from GitHub and run the solution with Visual Studio 2015 (with .Net 4.6) The solution uses Nugget so don't forget to restore packages before the first build.

  • Binaries: get a build from AppVeyor:

  • Debug: x86 x64

  • Release: x86 x64


Public Domain

Do what you want with this software and source code.

The only important thing to know is that I can't be responsible for anything that could happen with it. If your life partner leaves you, your computer explodes, your car is smashed by a meteor or even if Asmodeus appears in your room etc : it can't be my fault

I will be very happy if you create an issue in this repository with a screenshot of MemoScope.Net running on your desktop.

Thanks to...

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