Open Dump File

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There are many ways to open a dump file:

  • MemoScope's explorer
  • File Explorer
  • Command line

MemoScope's Explorer

In Explorer module, double click on a dump file.

Note: when MemoScope dumps a process, it creates a xml file with information about the dump: dates, times, memory used etc. Extend the Explorer module to display them. If the dump has been created by another program, no infomation is displayed.

File Explorer

Just drag the dump file from File Explorer and drop it in MemoScope:

It's also possible to associate dmp file extension (right click on it and select "Open wIth...') to MemoScope and then you just have to double click on a file:

Command line

If you start MemoScope from a command line, a dump file path can be added as an argument:

MemoScope.exe F:\dumps\MemoDummy\MemoDummy_2016_11_05_22_56_32.dmp

Cache creation

When you load a dump file for the first time, MemoScope creates a cache (a SQLite database). It takes some time, so be patient.

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