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FrenchKit Code Of Conduct


In our opinion, defining a conference as pro-respect and tolerance in a Code of Conduct is intrinsically harmful. It legitimates the fact that it could be possible for a technology-focused event to oppose such values. Inclusivity is not an opinion. It is an universal and obvious principle.

FrenchKit Code of Conduct 2018

We shall not need Codes of Conduct. And this is not just due to the fact that developers, our audience, should have already understood the principles of a good and inclusive behaviour but also because, in France, any kind of harassment or discrimination is actually "forbidden and punished in all situations" (,

However if, for the sake of ethics, we need to stand against what we do not appreciate or tolerate, here is our own code:

  • Be respectful of everyone
  • Understand that resources you will find at the events are meant for sharing, and not for your sole consumption. That includes drinks, food, seats and common spaces
  • Be respectful of speakers' work. Preparing a talk demands effort, and they do not deserve puns, ringing phones, chatting, sleeping or any behaviour that may cause nuisance to their presentation. Please be supportive.
  • Do not give your opinion about something you do not know
  • Make constructive feedback
  • Understand that staff is not there to serve you but, rather, to help you
  • If you ever cannot make it to the conference, let others know or resell your ticket, so to allow others to participate
  • And, ultimately, be quelqu'un(e) de bien

Get in Touch

If you believe you are being harassed, discriminated against or notice someone else that is, or have any other concern, feel free to contact the FrenchKit organizers at any moment or to write at


The Conference Code of Conduct for FrenchKit 2018 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


1 Retrieved on 2017-07-27.