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manually type checked #3

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Just for now

@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
(ns mini-occ.core
{:lang :core.typed
:core.typed {:features #{:runtime-infer}}
;:core.typed {:features #{:runtime-infer}}
(:require [clojure.test :refer [deftest is]]
[clojure.core.typed :as t :refer [defalias ann U Vec Set Sym]]
@@ -12,7 +12,9 @@
(declare E NameTypeMap P T)
'{:E ':add1}
'{:E ':n?}
'{:E ':app, :args (Vec E), :fun E}
'{:E ':false}
'{:E ':if, :else E, :test E, :then E}
@@ -30,26 +32,23 @@
'{:T ':not, :type T}
'{:T ':refine, :name t/Sym, :prop P}
'{:T ':union, :types (t/Set T)}
'{:T ':false}
'{:T ':fun, :params '[NameTypeMap], :return T}
'{:T ':fun, :params (t/Vec NameTypeMap), :return T}
'{:T ':intersection, :types (Set T)}
'{:T ':num}))
(ann check [(Set t/Nothing) E :-> T])
(ann id [(t/Map t/Any t/Any) :-> (t/Map t/Any t/Any)])
(ann id-test AnyFunction)
(ann ^:no-check check [(Set P) E :-> T]) ;; implementation of this function is WIP
(ann ^:no-check id [(t/Map t/Any t/Any) :-> (t/Map t/Any t/Any)]) ;;irrelevant
(ann parse-exp [t/Any :-> E])
(ann parse-exp-test AnyFunction)
(ann parse-prop [(t/Coll t/Any) :-> P])
(ann parse-prop-test AnyFunction)
(ann parse-prop [t/Any :-> P])
(ann parse-roundtrip [(t/Coll t/Any) :-> Boolean])
(ann parse-type [t/Any :-> T])
(ann parse-types-test AnyFunction)
(ann tc [(Vec t/Nothing) false :-> false])
(ann tc-test AnyFunction)
(ann tc [(Vec P) t/Any :-> t/Any])
(ann unparse-exp [E :-> t/Any])
(ann unparse-prop [P :-> (t/Coll t/Any)])
(ann unparse-prop-test AnyFunction)
(ann unparse-type [T :-> (U Sym false)])
(ann unparse-type [T :-> t/Any])
;; End: Generated by clojure.core.typed - DO NOT EDIT
;; e ::= x | (if e e e) | (lambda (x :- t) e) | (e e*) | #f | n? | add1
;; t ::= [x : t -> t] | (not t) | (or t t) | (and t t) | #f | N | Any
@@ -127,6 +126,7 @@
{:P :not
:p (parse-prop np)})))
(deftest parse-prop-test
(is (= (parse-prop '(is x Any))
{:P :is,
@@ -150,6 +150,7 @@
'{:P :not,
:p {:P :=, :exps #{{:name z, :E :var} {:args [{:name y, :E :var}], :fun {:name x, :E :var}, :E :app}}}}))
(declare unparse-exp unparse-type)
@@ -175,39 +176,48 @@
:exp {:E :var, :name x},
:type {:T :intersection, :types #{}}}})
(deftest unparse-prop-test
(is (parse-roundtrip '(is x Any)))
(is (parse-roundtrip '(= z (x y))))
(is (parse-roundtrip '(or (= (x y) z) (is x Any))))
(is (parse-roundtrip '(and (= (x y) z) (is x Any))))
(is (parse-roundtrip '(not (= (x y) z)))))
; Any -> T
(defn parse-type [t]
(vector? t) (let [[args [_ ret]] (split-at (- (count t) 2) t)
args (map (t/ann-form
(fn [[x _ t]]
{:pre [(symbol? x)]}
{:name x
:type (parse-type t)})
[(t/Coll (U Sym ':-)) :-> NameTypeMap])
[(t/ASeq t/Any) :-> NameTypeMap])
(partition 3 args))]
(assert (#{'->} (get t (- (count t) 2)))
(get t (- (count t) 2)))
{:T :fun
:params (vec args)
:return (parse-type ret)})
(seq? t) (case (first t)
not (let [[_ t1] t]
not (let [_ (assert (and (seqable? t) (sequential? t)))
[_ t1] t]
{:T :not
:type (parse-type t)})
or (let [[_ & ts] t]
or (let [_ (assert (and (seqable? t) (sequential? t)))
[_ & ts] t]
{:T :union
:types (set (map parse-type ts))})
and (let [[_ & ts] t]
and (let [_ (assert (and (seqable? t) (sequential? t)))
[_ & ts] t]
{:T :intersection
:types (set (map parse-type ts))})
refine (let [[_ [x] p] t]
refine (let [_ (assert (and (seqable? t) (sequential? t)))
[_ mid p] t
_ (assert (and (seqable? mid) (sequential? mid)))
[x] mid]
(assert (symbol? x))
{:T :refine
:name x
@@ -217,13 +227,15 @@
('#{Any} t) {:T :intersection :types #{}}
:else (assert false t)))
(deftest parse-types-test
(is (parse-type '(and false Num))))
(defn unparse-type [t]
{:pre [(contains? t :T)]}
(case (:T t)
:fun `[~@(mapcat (fn [{:keys [name type]}]
:fun `[~@(mapcat (t/fn [{:keys [name type]} :- NameTypeMap]
[name :- (unparse-type type)])
(:params t))
@@ -246,27 +258,31 @@
(= 'n? e) {:E :n?}
(= 'add1 e) {:E :add1}
(seq? e) (case (first e)
if (let [[_ e1 e2 e3] e]
if (let [[_ e1 e2 e3] (seq e)]
(assert (= 4 (count e)))
{:E :if
:test (parse-exp e1)
:then (parse-exp e2)
:else (parse-exp e3)})
lambda (let [[_ [x _ t :as param] b] e]
lambda (let [[_ param b] (seq e)
_ (assert (seqable? param))
[x _ t] (seq param)]
(assert (= 3 (count e)))
(assert (= 3 (count param)))
(assert (symbol? x))
{:E :lambda
:arg x
:arg-type (parse-type t)
:body (parse-exp b)})
(let [[f & args] e]
(let [_ (assert (seqable? e) (sequential? e))
[f & args] e]
(assert (<= 1 (count e)))
{:E :app
:fun (parse-exp f)
:args (mapv parse-exp args)}))
:else (assert false e)))
(deftest parse-exp-test
(is (= (parse-exp 'x)
'{:name x, :E :var}))
@@ -299,6 +315,7 @@
{:E :false}))
(is (= (parse-exp 'add1)
'{:name add1, :E :var})))
; E -> Any
(defn unparse-exp [e]
@@ -332,15 +349,16 @@
:false {:T :false}
:lambda {:T :fun
:params [{:name (:arg e), :type (:arg-type e)}]
:return (check (conj ps {:P :is, :exp (:arg e), :type (:arg-type e)})
:return (check (conj ps {:P :is, :exp {:E :var :name (:arg e)}, :type (:arg-type e)})
(:body e))}
:add1 (parse-type '[x :- Num -> Num])
:n? (parse-type '[x :- Any -> (refine [r]
(or (and (is r true)
(is x Num))
(and (is r false)
(is x (not Num)))))])
:app (let [[e1 e2] e
:app (let [_ (assert false "WIP")
[e1 e2] e
t1 (check ps e1)
t2 (check ps e2)]
(assert (#{:fun} (:T t1)) t1)
@@ -358,11 +376,13 @@
(parse-exp e))
(deftest tc-test
(is (= false
(tc [] false)))
#_(is (= false
(tc [] '(lambda (x :- Num) (add1 x))))))
;; suprise identity function to mess up inference.
(defn id [x] x)
@@ -571,4 +591,4 @@ str/upper-case
(atom {x 1
y 2})