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Associating extends to nil

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1 parent a4ecd9d commit c44172fdc4df6ee5038e1822e6d77d8f2c967fa4 @frenchy64 committed Apr 21, 2012
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  1. +39 −36 src/typed/core.clj
  2. +2 −1 test/typed/test/core.clj
75 src/typed/core.clj
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
(ns typed.core
(:import (clojure.lang Var Symbol IPersistentList IPersistentVector Keyword Cons
Ratio Atom IPersistentMap Seqable Counted ILookup IFn ISeq
- IMeta IObj))
+ IMeta IObj Associative))
(:require [trammel.core :refer [defconstrainedrecord defconstrainedvar
[analyze.core :as a :refer [analyze-path ast]]
@@ -23,27 +23,27 @@
`(symbol (-> *ns* ns-name name) (name '~nme)))
-;(+T *add-type-ann-fn* [Symbol IParseType -> nil])
(def ^:dynamic
(fn [sym type-syn]
[sym :- type-syn]))
+(+T *add-type-ann-fn* [Symbol IParseType -> nil])
;; Typed require
-;(+T ns-deps-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
+(+T ns-deps-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
(defn ns-deps-contract [m]
(and (every? symbol? (keys m))
(every? set? (vals m))
(every? #(every? symbol? %) (vals m))))
-;(+T ns-deps Atom)
+(+T ns-deps Atom)
(def ns-deps (constrained-atom {}
"Map from symbols to seqs of symbols"
-;(+T add-ns-dep [Symbol Symbol -> nil])
+(+T add-ns-dep [Symbol Symbol -> nil])
(defn add-ns-dep [nsym ns-dep]
(swap! ns-deps update-in [nsym] #(set/union % #{ns-dep}))
@@ -55,10 +55,10 @@
;; Debug macros
-;(+T debug-mode Atom)
-(def debug-mode (atom false))
+(+T debug-mode Atom)
+(def debug-mode (atom true))
-;(+T print-warnings Atom)
+(+T print-warnings Atom)
(def print-warnings (atom true))
(defmacro warn [& body]
@@ -95,11 +95,12 @@
(reload-ns depsym)
(require-typed-deps depsym)))
-;(+T check-namespace [Symbol -> nil])
+(+T check-namespace [Symbol -> nil])
(defn check-namespace [nsym]
(let [
;; 1. Collect all type annotations
_ (binding [*add-type-ann-fn* (fn [sym type-syn]
+ (debug "add type:" sym :- type-syn)
(add-type-ann sym (parse type-syn)))
*already-reloaded* (atom #{})]
(reload-ns 'typed.base)
@@ -119,13 +120,13 @@
;; Type hierarchy
-;(+T type-key Keyword)
+(+T type-key Keyword)
(def type-key ::+T)
;; Utils
-;(+T class-satisfies-protocol? [IPersistentMap Class -> Boolean])
+(+T class-satisfies-protocol? [IPersistentMap Class -> Boolean])
(defn class-satisfies-protocol?
"Returns the method that would be dispatched by applying
an instance of Class c to protocol"
@@ -143,7 +144,7 @@
(declare PrimitiveClass-from ClassType-from Type Type? map->ProtocolType
-;(+T primitives (Mapof [Symbol Class]))
+(+T primitives (Mapof [Symbol Class]))
(def ^:private primitive-symbol
{'char Character/TYPE
'boolean Boolean/TYPE
@@ -155,7 +156,7 @@
'double Double/TYPE
'void Void/TYPE})
-;(+T resolve-symbol [Symbol -> Type])
+(+T resolve-symbol [Symbol -> Type])
(defn- resolve-symbol [sym]
(assert (symbol? sym))
(if (primitive-symbol sym)
@@ -183,7 +184,7 @@
(declare map->Fun map->arity union Nil PrimitiveClass?)
-;(+T method->Fun [clojure.reflect.Method -> Fun])
+(+T method->Fun [clojure.reflect.Method -> Fun])
(defn- method->Fun [method]
{:arities [(map->arity
@@ -197,7 +198,7 @@
typ ; nil cannot substutitute for JVM primtiives
(union [Nil typ])))})]})) ; Java Objects can be the nil/null pointer
-;(+T var-or-class->sym [(U Var Class) -> Symbol])
+(+T var-or-class->sym [(U Var Class) -> Symbol])
(defn var-or-class->sym [var-or-class]
{:pre [(or (var? var-or-class)
(class? var-or-class))]}
@@ -210,13 +211,13 @@
(declare subtype? unparse-type)
-;(+T unp [Type -> String])
+(+T unp [Type -> String])
(defn unp
"Unparse a type and return string representation"
(with-out-str (-> t unparse-type pr)))
-;(+T assert-subtype [Type Type & Any * -> nil])
+(+T assert-subtype [Type Type & Any * -> nil])
(defn assert-subtype [actual-type expected-type & msgs]
(assert (subtype? actual-type expected-type)
(apply str "Expected " (unp expected-type) ", found " (unp actual-type)
@@ -227,50 +228,50 @@
(declare Type?)
-;(+T type-db-var-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
+(+T type-db-var-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
(defn type-db-var-contract [m]
(and (every? namespace (keys @m))
(every? Type? (vals @m))))
-;(+T type-db-atom-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
+(+T type-db-atom-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
(defn type-db-atom-contract [m]
(and (every? namespace (keys m))
(every? Type? (vals m))))
-;(+T *type-db* (Mapof Symbol Type))
+(+T *type-db* (Mapof Symbol Type))
(defonce ^:dynamic *type-db*
(constrained-atom {}
"Map from qualified symbols to types"
-;(+T local-type-db-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
+(+T local-type-db-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
(defn local-type-db-contract [m]
(and (every? (complement namespace) (keys m))
(every? Type? (vals m))))
-;(+T *local-type-db* (Mapof Symbol Type))
+(+T *local-type-db* (Mapof Symbol Type))
^:dynamic *local-type-db* {}
"Map from unqualified names to types"
-;(+T type-var-scope-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
+(+T type-var-scope-contract [IPersistentMap -> Boolean])
(defn type-var-scope-contract [m]
(and (every? (complement namespace) (keys m))
(every? Type? (vals m))))
-;(+T *type-var-scope* (Mapof Symbol UnboundedTypeVariable))
+(+T *type-var-scope* (Mapof Symbol UnboundedTypeVariable))
^:dynamic *type-var-scope* {}
"Map from unqualified names to types"
-;(+T reset-type-db [-> nil])
+(+T reset-type-db [-> nil])
(defn reset-type-db []
(swap! *type-db* (constantly {}))
-;(+T type-of [(U Symbol Var) -> Type])
+(+T type-of [(U Symbol Var) -> Type])
(defn type-of [sym-or-var]
{:pre [(or (symbol? sym-or-var)
(var? sym-or-var))]
@@ -294,10 +295,11 @@
`(binding [*local-type-db* (merge *local-type-db* ~type-map)]
-;(+T add-type-ann [Symbol Type -> (Vector* Symbol Any)])
+(+T add-type-ann [Symbol Type -> (Vector* Symbol Any)])
(defn add-type-ann [sym typ]
(when-let [oldtyp (@*type-db* sym)]
- (warn "Overwriting type for" sym ":" typ "from" (unparse oldtyp)))
+ (when (not= oldtyp typ)
+ (warn "Overwriting type for" sym ":" typ "from" (unparse oldtyp))))
(swap! *type-db* assoc sym typ)
[sym :- (unparse typ)])
@@ -317,10 +319,10 @@
;; Types
-;(+T Type Keyword)
+(+T Type Keyword)
(def Type ::type-type)
-;(+T Type? [Any -> Boolean])
+(+T Type? [Any -> Boolean])
(defn Type? [t]
(isa? (class t) Type))
@@ -364,7 +366,7 @@
(and (class? c)
(not (.isPrimitive c))))]})
-;(+T ClassType-from [Class -> ClassType])
+(+T ClassType-from [Class -> ClassType])
(defn ClassType-from [cls]
(assert (class? cls))
(->ClassType (symbol (.getName cls))))
@@ -407,7 +409,7 @@
(and (class? c)
(.isPrimitive c)))]})
-;(+T PrimitiveClass-from [Symbol -> PrimitiveClass])
+(+T PrimitiveClass-from [Symbol -> PrimitiveClass])
(defn PrimitiveClass-from
"Create a PrimitiveClass from a symbol representing a
primitive class name (int, long etc.) or a primitive Class
@@ -436,6 +438,7 @@
:else the-union))
(defn union [types]
+ (println "union:" types)
(simplify-union (->Union (set types))))
(def-type Intersection [types]
@@ -1062,14 +1065,14 @@
-(def ^:private extends-nil #{ISeq Counted ILookup IObj IMeta})
+(def ^:private extends-nil #{ISeq Counted ILookup IObj IMeta Associative})
;hardcode Clojure interfaces that should "extend" to nil
(defmethod subtype?* [NilType ClassType]
[s {t-class-sym :the-class :as t}]
(let [t-class (resolve t-class-sym)]
- (some #(isa? t-class %) extends-nil))))
+ (some #(identical? t-class %) extends-nil))))
(defmethod subtype?* [NilType NilType]
[s t]
@@ -1658,7 +1661,7 @@
-;(+T field->Type [java.lang.reflect.Field -> Type]
+(+T field->Type [java.lang.reflect.Field -> Type])
(defn field->Type [field]
(resolve-symbol (:type field)))
@@ -1769,7 +1772,7 @@
type-key (type-key chandler))))
-;(+T constructor->Fun [clojure.reflect.Constructor -> Fun])
+(+T constructor->Fun [clojure.reflect.Constructor -> Fun])
(defn constructor->Fun [{:keys [parameter-types declaring-class] :as ctor}]
(assert ctor "Unresolved constructor")
3 test/typed/test/core.clj
@@ -67,14 +67,15 @@
(deftest subtype-nil
(is (sub? nil nil))
(is (sub? (U nil) nil))
+ (is (not (sub? nil Var)))
(is (not (sub? nil 1)))
(is (sub? nil ISeq))
(is (not (sub? nil Seqable)))
(is (sub? nil IMeta))
(is (sub? nil IObj))
(is (sub? nil Counted))
(is (sub? nil ILookup))
- (is (sub? nil Associative)) ;from ILookup
+ (is (sub? nil Associative))
(deftest subtype-ISeq

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