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tdk - The Decision Kit

The Decision Kit is a collection of data structures that are useful for representing functions, relations, and other combinatorial objects. These data structures are based on various generalizations of reduced ordered binary decision diagrams.

Build Status


Tdk has no dependencies. To install the library, simply clone the repository, build it and install it using the following commands:

make && make install

Alternatively, you can install tdk using OPAM:

opam install tdk

For building and running the tests during development, you will need to install the oUnit package and reconfigure the build process to enable tests:

opam install oUnit
./configure --enable-tests
make && make test


The library supports three data structures:

  • Vlr - a Variable-Lattice-Result diagram for representing functions over variables that are assigned values in a lattice, producing a result with an algebraic structure.
  • Vcr - a Variable-Constant-Result diagram for representing functions over variables that are assigned values in a total ordering, producing results with an algebraic structure.
  • Bdd - a Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagram for representing boolean-valued functions over boolean variables.

Each of these data structures is implemented as a functor. Here's an example of how to instantiate and use the Bdd functor for variables represented as Int32.ts:

module B = Tdk.Bdd.Make(struct
  type t = Int32.t

  let compare =
  let hash a = Int32.to_int a

  let to_string = Int32.to_string

let impl a b = B.(sum b (neg a))

let a = B.var 0l
let b = B.var 1l
let c = B.var 2l

(* `(a /\ b) -> c) -> (a -> b -> c)` is a tautology *)
assert B.(tautology (impl (impl (prod a b) c)
                          (impl a (impl b c))))

Cultural Note

Yall take the PC way, let ya CD's play
I rock a 120 Minute TDK
Hey! Looking for a way to the hype
"Welcome to the underground!" Shit, that's just a day in the life

— Cashmere the Pro, Nasty Filthy by CunninLynguists


BSD3, see LICENSE file for its text.

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