WaveRider is a 3D browser game that let's you ride your own music
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WaveRider is a 3D browser game that let's you ride your own music. Your goal is to make it until the end of the song without falling behind, by riding a song's waveform.

Songs are currently searched through SoundCloud. WaveRider is made with three.js.


Enough talk already, play it yourself!



The game was made during a music hackday event and in it's current form it's not at all difficult to play :) My goal is to expand this game with enemies and puzzles based on an analysis of the played music. Because game level difficulties are completely based on your sound input this could be a very fun game to play.

tweak it yourself

If you want to tweak the game or provide different sound providers instead of just SoundCloud, you can build it yourself.


The SoundCloud service needs a valid SoundCloud API key, which you can create by registering a SoundCloud app.

You then make a copy of app/config.example.json, rename it to app/config.json and enter your API key.

To build the game and run it, you need NPM, Bower and Gulp.


After installing the prerequisites, use npm install, bower install and gulp install. Your WaveRider game is now ready to run from app/. You can also use gulp serve to fire up an Express server on localhost:4000.

build your own sound service provider

If you don't want to use SoundCloud as a sound provider that's fine. You can create a client service yourself as long as it exposes a certain API. You should be able to play a sound and provide the game with waveform data per second.

I will document the way to do this as soon as possible.