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CoreJS is a library built on Google's V8 Javascript engine. The library provides file i/o, socket operations, plugin (module) system, system level operations, and more. CoreJS works to follow the CommonJS specification as closely as possible, as well as with JSGI.

CoreJS can be compiled and used as the engine to run Javascript server-side or built as a library to be included in your own JS projects. Using CoreJS is easy for embedding or running. The following is a break down of the API with example usage.

  • Directory - Interact with system directories, create, delete, read, test existence.
  • Environment (Env) - System environment variables object that uses getter/setters to set and access.
  • File - File system I/O for reading/writing and other file interaction.
  • Http - Class to make http Get and Post request
  • Socket - Creating and using client and server sockets (TCP/IP)
  • System - System level commands, such as print.

Documentation for Embedding CoreJS in your project and also how to create modules (plugins) for CoreJS

  • Embedding - Guide to building and embedding CoreJS in your own projects.
  • Module - System for loading and using modules created in C/C++ for CoreJS

Documentation on how CoreJS manages asynchronous calls.

If you would like to contribute to this project, you can send a message to wess, kmussel, or Frenzylabs here on Github. We will be looking to open the wiki up for people to list/feature their modules as well as a package manager and formal site.

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