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I’ll keep this as my driverwriting blog

Tuesday 09/15/2009

My editors for pads and Fx&Pedal&Layer settings both work perfectly.
I’m figuring out how the converter works.
I also need to update the files here on git but forgot to make a habbit of git and
now I have to search for the right commands and locations etc. (post them here Peter!)

I’ve been busy with the JSynthLib wiki ,
not so much with the spd-11 wiki .
The goal is to understand JSynthLib better and share that understanding on the wiki.
Both processes go together pretty well.

BankDriver is now named DumpAllDriver
DumpAllConverter and BankConverter are the files I’m working on now because the standard methods
createPatches(byte[] sysex) and extractPatch(Patch p) don’t seem to work well.

Friday 08/07/2009
Today I started a project in netbeans, current working directory is /home/peter/src/JSynthLib on my AVLinux partition.
This Debian based setup still has problems showing the “preferences” window.
It happens when using sun-java-6-jdk and openjdk-6