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package.json API client for Node.js

A Node.js client and command line interface for the metrics API. (The API service is currently in private alpha.)

See also numerics-ruby.


$ npm install numerics

or if you want the "numerics" command available globlly

$ npm install numerics -g


$ node_modules/numerics/bin/numerics help


$ numerics help

API Summary

var Numerics = require('numerics');

var connection = Numerics.connect({access_key: "project_access_key", secret_key: "project_secret_key"});
// or using a config file
var connection = Numerics.connect('path/to/config.json');
// or using a config file with multiple enviroment-specific configs in it
var connection = Numerics.connect('path/to/config.json', 'production');

//list variables in project
connection.list(function(err, data) {
  console.log(data) // => []

//start inserting data
connection.insert('invites_sent', 3, new Date(), {user_id: 1234}, function(err, data) {
  console.log(data) // => { 'insertions' : 1, 'removals' : 0, 'number' : 1, 'stamp' : '1.0' }

CLI Summary


In any directory where you ant to be able to run the "numerics" command, create a sub-directory named ".numerics". Copy the admin access key .json files from you Numerics projects into ".numerics".

To see what keys are available in your .numerics dir:

$ numerics keys

To set the key to use:


This commands would set numerics to use the credentials given in .numerics/GMJHUBDGINZRXJZBHMYCTNEJ.json

To see the key currently being used:

$ numerics key


To list the varaibles currently being tracked in the project for the key:

$ numerics list

To insert a new measurement:

$ numerics some_variable_name insert 3

Would insert the value 3, using the current time as timestamp, into the variable some_variable_name

To view the timeseries for some_variable_name:

$ numerics some_variable_name entries

To view a chart of total per hour for some_variable_name measurements

$ numerics some_variable_name total/hour draw

All commands documented under:

$ numerics help

Useful for

  • Measuring Anything
  • Monitoring business processes
  • ...