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The curses library provides a set of functions to access the console or terminal on a very low level. It also provides a kind of window manager where the term "window" refers to a rectangular area of the console screen.


  • You can control all features that the underlying terminal provides, including colors, font attributes or console mouse support.
  • Due it is a native library and the V8 script engine does not have to to perform expensive operations (like for example refreshing a portion of the screen) the scripts run very fast.
  • The window handling capabilities are ideal for creating console user interfaces.


  • If you just want to print "Hello world!" or move the console's cursor, this library won't make it easier.
  • You cannot use standard in- and output provided by node while curses uses it.
  • You will need to have one of the supported compiler toolchains installed.
  • Although the curses library is available for many platforms the implementations may differ in some aspects. This means the programmer has to keep an eye on platform interopability.


Hello World

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