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Your Argparse CLI, now with a TUI.

Documentation | Slide Deck | Git Repo

I was several months into developing my Python CLI framework, Yapx, when I saw a post on Hackernews of an awesome tool, Trogon, which makes it effortless to create a TUI form for a Click CLI app. I was stunned; I knew I had to integrate it into Yapx. But Yapx is built on Python's native Argparse library, not Click. So, I forked Trogon and hacked away until it became this project, argparse-tui.

argparse-tui can display a TUI of your Python Argparse CLI in one of two ways:

  1. Display the TUI form directly:
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from argparse_tui import invoke_tui

parser = ArgumentParser()
  1. Add an argument (or command) to the parser that, when provided, displays the TUI form:
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from argparse_tui import add_tui_argument

parser = ArgumentParser()

In addition to Argparse support, this fork adds some sweet features including:

  • Vim-friendly keybindings.
  • Redaction of secret values.
  • Pre-populating TUI fields with command-line argument values.


pip install argparse-tui


If you appreciate argparse-tui, check out Yapx, Myke, and TUIview.

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