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Easy responsive layouts with Ember
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ember-responsive Build Status Ember Observer Score

ember-responsive is an ember-cli addon that give you a simple, Ember-aware way of dealing with media queries.

All you need to do is tell it your application's breakpoints and it'll expose the rest for you. Here is an interactive demo


ember-responsive needs window.matchMedia() to function, which isn't available in all browsers. Compatibility matrix

There is a polyfill by Paul Irish called matchMedia.js that will add support to older browsers

Getting Started

This is an ember-cli addon so, so all you need to do is

ember install ember-responsive

After that, simply register the breakpoints that are pertinent to your application in app/breakpoints.js:

export default {
  mobile:  '(max-width: 767px)',
  tablet:  '(min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 991px)',
  desktop: '(min-width: 992px) and (max-width: 1200px)',
  jumbo:   '(min-width: 1201px)'

This default config has already been provided for you. If you wish to change the values or add new ones, simply create a new app/breakpoints.js in your project and export your chosen config.

Now you can inject the media service in any object with access to the container:

import Component from '@ember/component';
import { inject as service } from '@ember/service';

export default Controller.extend({
  media: service(),
  doSomething() {
    this.get('media.isMobile'); // => true

In your templates you have access to the media helper that allows you to query breakpoints easily.

{{#if (media 'isDesktop')}}
  Desktop view!

You can also bind the list of active media queries to your app's rootElement. This means you won't have to deal with complicated media queries in CSS, instead simply use classes to style the different devices.

In your application.hbs template:

<div class="{{media 'classNames'}}">


If you find explicitly injecting the service too repetitive, you can setup an initializer to inject it automatically in every controller and component like this:

// in app/initializers/ember-responsive
export default {
  name: 'responsive',
  initialize(application) {
    application.inject('controller', 'media', 'service:media');
    application.inject('component', 'media', 'service:media');

Updating to 2.x

When updating this addon, make sure to run the generate command. Choose no to overriding existing files, unless you want the defaults. This command has to be run when updating to 2.x if your application relies on automatic injection. Because as of version 1.2.9, the addon will generate an initializer to allow users to customize injection.

ember g ember-responsive

Updating to 3.x

The major breaking changes to update to 3.x are so far:

Usage in engines

If you are using engines and you want to share responsive behaviour between the main application and engine, you must pass the 'media' service to the engine app.

Testing Helpers

This project provides a single test helper which works in both integration and acceptance tests to assist in testing content specific to different breakpoints.

Acceptance Tests

import { setBreakpoint } from 'ember-responsive/test-support';


test('example test', function(assert) {

  andThen(function() {
    // assert something specific to mobile

Integration Tests

import { setBreakpoint } from 'ember-responsive/test-support';


test('it renders', function(assert) {


  // assert something specific to mobile


To run the tests, after cloning do:

npm install
bower install
npm test


This library is lovingly brought to you by the FreshBooks developers. We've released it under the MIT license.

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