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Info:A Django project for interacting with BigBlueButton
Author: Steve Challis (
Requires:BigBlueButton >= 0.71, Django >= 1.0

This is a simple Django project and application that interacts with the BigBlueButton API to allow you to create and interact with web conference meetings It currently supports:

  • Password protected administration
  • Meeting creation/ending
  • Meeting joining
  • List all currently running meetings


You'll first need to edit in the bbb_django project or your own project. The following custom variables must be added/set:

The bbb application is where all the controllers and views are contained so you should be able to drop this into any Django project.

You can quickly test the project with the Django default webserver but you'll probably want to have it running permenantly. Gunicorn has already been added in as a dependancy so you should be able to use gunicorn_django once gunicorn is installed.

It is assumed you are using FreeSWITCH for the voice calling but it is easy enough to change the extension to that required by Asterisk.