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No banners shown #5

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I am trying to show banner with this ANE. i have burstly account and flyrry account, i created banner zone with sizes like 768*50 but when my ipad application should show banner - nothing shown

looking at logs (in xcode) i can see that burstly initializetion is ok and the problem resides in requesting ad. can you help? Error looks like this:

Mar 29 17:55:34 iPad-TTL Lumarnia[4093] : [Burstly]d t=33287i, RequestManager=0x13aac30, DataLength=104, Deserialized response: {"type":"ip","width":0,"height":0,"message":"ERROR: wild cards or ranges not allowed in default adSize"}


Full request is like this:

Mar 29 17:55:34 iPad-TTL Lumarnia[4093] : [Burstly]d t=6403i, RequestManager=0x13aac30, DataLength=1000, Serialized request: {"data":{"noTrack":"0","cookie":[],"advId":"17FD126F-CD6F-4FB3-8F4F-EB8CB61D5B1F","userAgentInfo":{"webUserAgent":"Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/10B141","PlatformVersion":"6.1","DeviceFamily":"iPad","apiVersions":{"ormma":"1.1","mraid":"2.0","rewards":"2"},"MCC":0,"Build":"","appVersion":"1.1.0","MNC":0,"appVersionInt":"17858560","Device":"iPad2,4","ScreenResolution":"1024x768","v":"3","Platform":"iOS"},"adSizes":["0-768x0-1024"],"publisher":"38bwlOQyt0Om2aDVPgtfmA","openUDID":"607a487001a3a22061b9cb46e8ed01bfd8cde53f","type":"iq","userAgent":"iOS;iPad;6.1;","debugFlags":"0","bundleId":"com.wplabs.lumarnia","placement":"","encMAC":"O+wD2CztASSnG7yhtsAJeX5wUlgwNQN52VYzI0wAits=","ipAddress":"","cct":0,"clientDateTime":"6,1755","mac":"70a69ddcf1a5cecd93783433d074d23adf0d9772","Id":"F0427D33","adPool":"0","zone":"0458154279192284455","adTrack":1,"rvCR":"","vendorId":"82305430-0A15-48EF-AEF5-738D0ED4346B"}}
Mar 29 17:55:34 iPad-TTL Lumarnia[4093] : [Burstly]d t=6403i, RequestManager=0x13aac30, Endpoint=, RequestID=334CF71C-7648-4807-8243-DBA2F8E7EBB9, Type=POST, SizeBytes=1000, Sending request to service...
Mar 29 17:55:34 iPad-TTL Lumarnia[4093] : [Burstly]d t=33287i, RequestManager=0x13aac30, RequestID=334CF71C-7648-4807-8243-DBA2F8E7EBB9, SizeBytes=104, Request finished with data.


managed to fix problem.

After proper setup of burstly feeds app started to receive banners but... they were not visible on screen!
reason: this ANE ignores landscape/portrait difference. it calculates banner position for bottom side of portrait-oriented view. my game runs in landscape mode and banner were placed off-screen.

after hardcoding proper coords banners started to work as expected

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