Air Native Extension (iOS and Android) for In App Purchase
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Air Native Extension for In App Purchases (iOS + Android)

This is an Air native extension for In-App Purchases on iOS and Android. It has been developed by FreshPlanet and is used in the game SongPop 2.


  • iOS implementation does NOT contain on-device receipt validation.
  • Android implementation uses In-app Billing Version 3.


The ANE binary (InAppPurchase.ane) is located in the bin folder. You should add it to your application project's Build Path and make sure to package it with your app (more information here). See it within our sample project's app descriptor here.



Check out the sample project here for app descriptor inclusions.


You will need to add the following activities and permission in your application descriptor:

        <manifest android:installLocation="auto">
			<uses-permission android:name=""/>


You can check out our example of this in our sample project here.

Using the ANE


Build from source

Should you need to edit the extension source code and/or recompile it, you will find an ant build script (build.xml) in the build folder:

cd /path/to/the/ane

# Setup build configuration
cd build
mv build.config
# Edit build.config file to provide your machine-specific paths

# Build the ANE


This ANE has been written by Thibaut Crenn and Adam Schlesinger.