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A jQuery plugin to randomize the display of objects in a grid
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Version 0.1.0

Change Log

  • 07.14.13 Add effect option
  • 04.24.13 Cache $el, add Grunt


  1. Style grid layout with CSS
  2. Include latest jQuery and jquery.champagne.js
  3. Initialize champagne() on parent element


  • beginningDelay: integer (default: 300), delay before animation starts
  • childrenSelector: string (default: undefined), choose the selector of the children to fade in
  • delayBetween: integer (default: 50), delay between each element's animation
  • duration: integer (default: 500), duration of each element's animation
  • effect: string (default: 'fadeIn'), 'fadeIn', 'slideDown' or 'addClass' (adds class .visible)


  • onFinish: called once all elements are faded in

Future Considerations

  • Add Less Grunt task
  • CSS3 only animations
  • Use of other transitions


  • Thanks @pdud for adding effects

Copyright (c) 2012 Fresh Tilled Soil

MIT License,

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