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Foundation Prototyping Framework

A template for rapid prototyping of static sites and applications. It's built on Jekyll so you don't have to repeat yourself and uses the HTML5 Boilerplate index.html and file structure, a Sass port of Foundation's CSS and JS, and thoughtbot's Bourbon Sass mixins.


Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator. However, I've include it here for the purpose of writing HTML in a DRY manner. Using Jekyll allows you to use includes so you don't have to maintain multiple instances of the same code blocks. Unlike using PHP includes, Jekyll will output a directory of compiled static HTML files with your include code moved into each page. Using Jekyll also starts a web server on your computer, so you can easily use things like TypeKit that are normally a pain to work with in a local static site.

To use Jekyll, you'll need to install the gem from your Terminal.

For more information on using Jekyll, read the guide.


This project's HTML is based on the best practices advocated by the HTML5 Boilerplate project.

The Modernizr.js library is included to support HTML5 elements and feature detection. I've included the default development build, but you should probably build your own custom version to use only the features you want to support.


This project's CSS runs on @stevehickeydsgn's port of Zurb's Foundation to Sass. Why Sass? Because I like Sass better than LESS, that's why.

###Bourbon Bourbon by thoughtbot is included to allow the rapid use of CSS3.


All of the Foundation JS plugins are included in the javascripts/plugins.js file.

Artwork directory

I've included empty PSDs with the proper names and sizes for creating all the right Apple touch icons and a favicon. Read this article for more info.

Working with this repo

To use Sass and require Bourbon, you have to watch your .scss files from the Terminal and compile their output into the application.css file in the /stylesheets directory. To do so, use the Terminal to cd into the root directory of this repo, then run this command:

sass --watch stylesheets/sass:stylesheets -r ./stylesheets/sass/bourbon/lib/bourbon.rb

Start the Jekyll server by running this command in Terminal from the root directory of this repo:

jekyll --server --auto

You can view your running application at http://localhost:4000.