A simple-to-use responsive off-canvas navigation that doesn't impose any style decisions
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Responsive off-canvas nav

Here's a pretty basic responsive off-canvas nav that requires minimal additions to your markup. I was inspired by Effeckt.css, which is nice and all but also far from ready for prime time.



The SCSS file is split into sections for the core styles and the demo theme. It won't be pretty, but everything should work just fine as long as you @include off-canvas-nav in your .nav-primary styles.

Moving the main content of your site requires a wrapper element that lives alongside the navigation element, so here's the basic structure you'll need:

    <nav class="nav-primary" id="nav-primary"></nav>
    <header class="mobile-helper-bar"></header>
    <div class="page-content" id="page-content"></div>

The <header class="mobile-helper-bar"> is not required. It's only there to give the toggle button a place to live. You can put this toggle wherever you want.

The provided jQuery does two things: Toggles visibility of the nav element when the toggle button is clicked/tapped and hides the nav when one of the nav items is clicked/tapped.


The example uses min-width: 768px as a breakpoint. You should adjust this for your own needs.

Most of the magic is accomplished with a SASS mixin. The mixin and some additional classes take three variables:

	$off-canvas-width: 16rem;
	$off-canvas-duration: .3s;
	$canvas-offset: .5;

$off-canvas-width uses rem units, but you can use whatever you want.

$off-canvas-duration is how long the transition takes

$canvas-offset adjusts how far the content is pushed when the navigation appears. The default is .5, which creates a parallax effect. A value of 1 will cause it to move directly in sync with with the navigation.

Browser Support

This should work just fine in everything above IE 8. Since IE 8 doesn't exist on mobile devices where this sort of thing would be used, it's a non-issue.