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Simple Skinnable, 3D Printed SplitFlap Display Module, permit to display large numbers, connecting the modules to each other
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Flip flap Display

Patrice Freydiere - Avril/Septembre 2019

This repository contains the technical elements to create a flip flap display module, This display can be used for a physical web counter, a clock, letter display.

Parametric design permit to use other elements to display (picto, drawing).

Key Design Concept

The FlipFlap module aim to reduce the number of part to build it. Modules are connected to each others and contribute to display large messages. The module is only responsible to manage the mechanics and contribution intelligence.

Using standard PVC card helps have nice diplay digits, they are easy to setup as there are printers allowing to create the fonts.

Using SCAD as modeler permit to have adaptative design, and change the dimensions.

Four Spaces Modules:

Exploded view of one module : (4 main printed parts + cards)

This project is used for side projects. All comments, improvements are welcome.

The 3D design aim to be printed, with a minimum parts number.

for more informations, go to doc/ folder on how to print and build

Project State


  • 3D Print - V1
  • Electronic Schematic
  • Card Mounting
  • Software
  • Structure for fix


3D Design

  • Thick enlrge for switch
  • Redesign card fixtures
  • Support Design, to be simple light and permit to add decorations.
  • Add switch on electronic Card & Pullup


  • Testing the Software Serial, apparently an error in choosing the pins 3 is not interrupted changed compatible ->, use 8 or 9

V3 - New electronic

integrating the upstream serial and downstream serial, works both.

V4 - Electronic change

Fix a pin placement issue


This project is inspired from Dead_simple_split_flap_display_ 's work

And splitflap work (upon the buiding simplification)

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