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Create custom desktop environments in html, CSS and javascript
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Copyright (c) 2016 Adrian Freund
This project is mostly licensed under the GPLv2.
All files inside the folder examples/ are licensed under the MIT license.

This project is work in progress, but slowly getting to a usable state.

htmlDE is a program that allows you to easily create custom desktop environments in html, CSS and javascript.

htmlDE supports creating both background windows and panels.
Transparent window backgrounds (which you can click through) are also supported.

htmlDE plans on offering a wide variety of plugins, to access the system.
Currently supported plugins are:

  • cmd: Run system commands
  • desktops: Manage virtual desktops
  • windows: Create and handle multiple htmlDE windows
  • taskbar: Tools for creating a taskbar
  • corefunctions: Helperfunctions used by other plugins

Planned plugins are:

  • systemtray: Tools for creating a System Tray
  • dbus: Send and receive dbus messages
  • mpris2: Control music players
  • system: Access battery status, system load and more
  • sound: Control and read pc volume
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