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tdminstaller for Windows
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The darkmodinstaller (windows) is created by Freek "Freyk" Borgerink

Created for The Dark Mod ( Created with Nsis 3.04

== use at your own risk. ==

-- Installation the installer build environment --

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. Install nsis from the nssis-tools folder
  3. install the plugins from the nsis-tools folder. 4.END

-- Compiling the script --

  1. Go to the source folder.
  2. Compile the installer:

Method 1: right-click darkmodinstaller.nsi" > compile nsis script.

Method 2: start cmd, go to the source folder and run: C:\Program Files\NSIS\makensis.exe /X"SetCompressor /FINAL lzma" darkmodinstaller.nsi


-- Changelog --

1.0.4 (20160313)

  • Changed the startmenu shortcut for the updater.
  • Added more info to welcometext
  • Added an option to install desktop shortcuts
  • Added code to remove the desktop shortcut files
  • Changed BrandingText
  • Changed some textlabels for welcometext,Directory,Finischpage
  • Commentedout InstallerVersion in brandingtext, requested by Grayman

1.0.3 (20160110)

  • Script - Changed the format of the installerscript, to make it more userfriendy.
  • Script - Changed (Commented out) codelines to create a placeholder for tdm.exe
  • Installer - shortcut in Software Change/remove
  • Installer - Added Component Descriptions
  • Installer - Changed several textlabels.
  • Installer - Changed the updater as a required component to install
  • Uninstaller - Added a components menu. In the furture people can exclude the fms/savegames for deletion
  • Uninstaller - Added more text and graphic content in unstaller

v1.02 (20150301)

  • Changed the game title from "darkmod" to "The Dark Mod"
  • Repaired the option to run the updater from the installer.
  • Installer uses the icon of the updater
  • Added updated updater
  • Deleted the placeholder for tdm.exe
  • added nsis to nsis-tools folder


  • changed default installation path
  • added an option to run shortcuts with admin permission

v1.0 Created the installer

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