JQuantLib is a library for Quantitative Finance written in 100% Java
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JQuantLib is a free, open-source, comprehensive framework for quantitative finance, written in 100% Java. It provides "quants" and Java application developers several mathematical and statistical tools needed for the valuation of shares, options, futures, swaps, and other financial instruments.

JQuantLib is based on QuantLib, which is written in C++, aiming to be a complete rewrite of QuantLib, offering features Java developers expect to find. JQuantLib aims to be fast, correct, strongly typed, well-documented, and user-friendly.

JQuantLib does its best efforts to mimic as close as possible the API exposed by QuantLib, offering a smooth transition path for developers and organizations willing to employ financial applications written in Java whilst keeping commitment to high performance and low latency.

More info: http://www.jquantlib.org

Quick guide for the impatient

On a Unix-like console

# branch from Github with git
git clone http://github.com/frgomes/jquantlib

# run demo number 9 (EquityOptions)
cd jquantlib
./sbt clean samples/run     # or simply `sbt clean samples/run` if you have SBT installed

For impatient developers

More info: http://www.jquantlib.org/en/latest/developersguide.html


Main modules

  • jquantlib -- main module, which resembles QuantLib/C++
  • jquantlib-helpers -- helper classes
  • jquantlib-contrib -- 3rd party contributions
  • jquantlib-samples -- sample code

Related software

  • jquantlib-ooplugin -- OpenOffice Calc plugin (outdated, not maintained)

-- Richard Gomes