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Framework written in Scala which eases creation of BNF grammars, parser generators and code generators.
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metaDSL provides a framework which eases creation of BNF grammars, parser generators and code generators.

The intent of this project is allow one to compile a DSL at build time (powered by Maven), generating resources which will be later included during the compilation of your application. This way, you can define a convenient DSL which eventually generates efficient Java code, instead of having to use extraneous XML files which will have to be later parsed by your application or third party libraries.

The project born when I've got frustrated with existing solutions I found, in particular in regards to integration.
Keeping the long story short, the article below explains better than me the advantages of implementing everything in a single programming language:

Quick guide for the impatient

to be done



  metadsl               -- build aggregator for Maven
  maven-metadsl-plugin  -- Maven plugin, written in Java
  metadsl-plugin        -- core adaptor for 3rd party plugins
  jlauncher             -- runs maven-metadsl-plugin from the command line

Tests and Examples

  metadsl-equity-plugin   -- simple representation for equities (finance)
  metadsl-json-plugin     -- recognizes a simple JSON grammar
  metadsl-pageflow-plugin -- grammar for generation of Vaadin pageflows 
  metadsl-tests           -- more tests

-- Richard Gomes
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