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See this code in action:

Version History
-Bug fix: If detach() was called on a servo then subsequent calls to attach() would fail.
The detach() function now works properly.

-Added ability to easily select if this driver should use timer0 or timer1.
-Timer1 is now the default timer used. Used to be timer0.
-Made the timer init happen later to allow this driver to work when used with an attiny arduino library.
-Fixed bug where a 512 microsecond pulse would not be generated.

-Initial public release

Short Guide On How To Compile
1) Make sure you have WinAvr installed (
2) open a CMD window and navigate to the Servo8Bit folder
3) type in "make" in the CMD window and the code will be compiled
4) type in "make program" to program your Attiny. This assumes you are using a
   usb programmer (such as the AVRISP mkII).