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2002-12-22 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Added fribidi_types.i to
libfribidiinc_HEADERS, to fix bug reported by Omer Zak.
2002-12-10 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Created CVSROOT entries.
2002-08-07 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* AUTHORS: Added Tomas Frydrych <>.
* READMY: Moved AbiWord to applications that use fribidi.
* fribidi.h: Removed #include "fribidi_mem.h".
* fribidi_config.h: Added to CVS, to make MSVC builds from CVS
* win/*: Added to CVS.
2002-08-01 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* *.c, *.h,,, acconfig.h: Applied
and completed the patch from Tomas Frydrych, to add FRIBIDI_EXPORT
and FRIBIDI_API symbols. These symbols are needed for ports of
fribidi to Windows and other platforms.
* fribidi_char_sets.i, fribidi_types.i: Added.
2002-06-17 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_unicode.h: Set Unicode chars based on sizeof FriBidiChar.
Now if one changes FriBidiChar to 16bit, and regenerate char_type
tables, they will be 16bit too.
2002-05-19 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Fribidi 0.10.4 released.
* Changed version information.
2002-05-18 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* packtab.c: Updated the search and output generating routines,
to use select among int8, int16 and int32 types, this helps to
compress better, and generate fewer symbols.
2002-05-16 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_wcwidth.c: Updated to latest source of 2002-05-08.
* fribidi_wcwidth.i: Added, fribidi_wcwidth.c includes this to reduces
changes needed in fribidi_wcwidth.c.
* fribidi_mem.h, fribidi_types.h, *.c: Common type names like int32,
boolean, ..., changed name to have fribidi prefix.
* Updated type names.
* fribidi_char_sets_utf8.c: Fixed to support 4-byte length utf-8
2002-05-04 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_wcwidth.c: Updated to latest source of 2002-05-03.
2002-04-07 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* unidata/*, fribidi_unicode.h, fribidi_wcwidth.c: Update to
Unicode 3.2.
* Version information updated.
* fribidi.c: Version information changed to contain Unicode version too.
* 0.10.3 released.
2002-03-25 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c: Fixed a bug introduced in adding L3 rule.
2002-03-15 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* 0.10.2 released.
* Changed version to 0.10.2.
2002-03-15 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* packtab.c: Updated the output generating routine, to generate much
fewer symbols, to reduce the relocation time (suggested by Owen
2002-03-15 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c, fribidi.h: Applied the patch from
Dominique Unruh <> to reorder the NSM character
to follow their base character (rule L3), fribidi_reorder_nsm_status(),
fribidi_set_reorder_nsm() added.
* fribidi_main.c: Option --reordernsm added, also --test sets
* TODO: Done task for rule L3 removed.
* AUTHORS: Dominique Unruh <> added.
* tests/test_UTF-8_nsmreorder.input,
tests/test_UTF-8_nsmreorder.reference: Added.
* NEWS: Updated, will be used to reflect each release News.
2002-03-12 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Small cleanup.
2002-03-08 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Small cleanup.
* bootstrap: automake options removed, added in
2002-01-25 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Added fribidi.spec to distribution, to be able to make
RPMs from released distribution with 'rpm -tb'.
* fribidi.c: Added 'do { ... } while (0)' stuff around #defined codes.
2002-01-23 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_create_char_types.c, fribidi_create_mirroring.c: Changed
to use sprintf() instead of snprintf().
2002-01-04 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* FriBidi 0.10.1 released.
* Changed the version to 0.10.1.
2002-01-18 Behdad Esfahbod <>
*, Clean up, different version components
defined, rpm names changed from fribidi to fribidi{majorversion}.
2002-01-14 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c: Rewrote run_length_encode_types() main loop.
2002-01-12 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Define RPM serial version as interface version.
* TODO: New tasks added.
2002-01-11 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* packtab.c: Fixed the bug Owen Taylor <>, defines
internal arrays as "static const" in output.
* fribidi_create_char_types.c, fribidi_create_mirroring.c: Fixed to
add "#ifndef ... #define ..." stuff around output.
2002-01-10 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Changed the version to 0.10.1pre.
* TODO: Done tasks removed.
* *.h: "extern C" stuff added.
* Include path changed from @includedir@/fribidi
to @includedir@.
* fribidi.c: Set FRIBIDI_CHUNK_SIZE according to MEM_OPTIMIZED flag
to 16 or 128.
* fribidi.c, fribidi_unicode.h, conformance/test: Do not set
MAX_LEVEL to 15 if flag DEBUG defined, renamed to
UNI_MAX_BIDI_LEVEL and moved to fribidi_unicode.h, should not check
fribidi with debug-enabled reference code anymore. Updated
conformance/test to reflect this change.
* README: Sample input and output removed, referred to tests directory
* Added, configure creates fribidi_config.h from
* Added, configure creates fribidi.spec from this.
It can be used to create RPM packages.
2002-01-04 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* FriBidi 0.10.0 released.
* Changed the version to 0.10.0.
2002-01-02 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* bootstrap: automake option -a added
* fribidi_types.h: FriBidiStrIndex type changed from uint16 to int.
FriBidiLevel introduced, as uint8 to hold the type for bidi levels.
* fribidi.c, fribidi.h, fribidi_utils.c, fribidi_main.c: Updated to
use FriBidiLeveli and FriBidiStrIndex.
* fribidi.h, fribidi.c: fribidi_remove_explicits() replaced by
fribidi_remove_bidi_marks() which also updates l2v, v2l and levels.
* fribidi.h, fribidi_char_type.c: fribidi_get_types() added.
* wcwidth.c: Replaced by fribidi_wcwidth.c.
* fribidi_wcwidth.c: Markus Kuhn's implementation of wcwidth(),
updated to use fribidi's types.
* Added, input file for pkgconfig support.
*, Updated to make fribidi.pc, which
pkgconfig needs.
* AUTHORS: Abel Cheung <> added, has implemented
pkgconfig support.
* fribidi_char_sets.h, fribidi_char_sets.c: Check for macro
FRIBIDI_INTERFACE_1 to define fribidi_*_to_unicode functions with
interface version 1.
* A small dependency problem fixed.
* unidata/README: Added, Unicode disclaimer.
* unidata/README, unidata/UnicodeData.txt,
BidiMirroring.txt: Added to distribution files.
* Removed wget mechanism for autogetting the Unicode data files.
2001-12-31 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Check for sed added.
* Scripts fixed to work with sh (not bash).
2001-12-14 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_get_type.c: Removed, replaced by fribidi_char_type.c and
* Makefile.noglib, fribidi_mini_glib.c, fribidi_mini_glib.h: removed,
no glib dependency, replaced by fribidi_mem.c, and fribidi_mem.h.
* fribidi_tables.i: Removed, replaced by fribidi_tab_mirroring.i,
fribidi_tab_char_type_2.i, and fribidi_tab_char_type_9.i.
* unidata/ Removed, replaced by
fribidi_create_mirroring.c, and fribidi_create_char_types.c.
* tests/test-CapRTL, tests/test-CapRTL.reference: Removed, replaced by
tests/test_CapRTL_implicit.input, and
* tests/test-explicit, tests/test-explicit.reference: Removed, replaced
by tests/test_CapRTL_explicit.input, and
* tests/test-hebrew, tests/test-hebrew.reference: Removed, replaced by
tests/test_ISO8859-8_hebrew.input, and
* tests/test_CapRTL_implicit.input,
tests/test_UTF-8_persian.reference: Added.
* wcwidth.c: Added, determines a characters width, to break lines.
* fribidi_create_mirroring.c: Added, creates fribidi_tab_mirroring.i
from unidata/BidiMirroring.txt
* fribidi_create_char_types.c: Added, creates fribidi_tab_char_type_*.i
from unidata/UnicodeData.txt
* fribidi_tab_mirroring.i: Added, mirroring table.
* fribidi_tab_char_type_2.i, fribidi_tab_char_type_9.i: Added, as
default character type tables, one optimized for speed, one for
space, MEM_OPTIMIZED flag will decide which one to use.
* fribidi_mirroring.c: Added, #includes fribidi_tab_mirroring.i.
* fribidi_char_type.c: Added, #includes one of
* fribidi_mem.c, fribidi_mem.h: Added, define some types and functions
that was previously defined by glib.
* fribidi_unicode.h: Added, Unicode-dependent definitions moved here.
* packtab.c, packtab.h: Added, fribidi_create_char_type.c uses these,
to compress the types table.
* AUTHORS: Markus Kuhn added, as he has wrote wcwidth.c.
* INSTALL: "Building without glib" material removed.
* TODO: Updated, done tasks removed, new tasks added.
* NEWS: Updated, compile farm results added.
* Lots of changes, to recent changes, new special
target fribidi_tab_char_type_N.i added, which N is replaced with
a digit between 2 and 9, and makes a table with compress level N.
* acinclude.m4: glib material removed.
* VERSION update, INTERFACE_VERSION added. glib
material removed, fribidi_tab_char_types_N.i configuration added,
option --without-charsets added. Also creates fribidi_config.h.
* A small bug fixed, to set the --cflags output
correctly, glib material removed.
* fribidi.h: Preprocessor material added for easier link with c++
codes, new headers included.
* fribidi_benchmark.c: Character set dependency removed, uses no
charset code.
* fribidi_char_sets*.c, fribidi_char_sets*.h: Preprocessor material
added to reflect the effect of --without-charsets configure option.
* fribidi_char_sets_utf8.c, fribidi_char_sets_utf8.h: Unused code
* fribidi_main.c: Changed to reflect the effect of --without-charsets
configure option, and use iconv if no charsets. Option --nobreak
added for no line breaks. Line break code rewrote to break correctly
in UTF-8 mode.
* fribidi_types.h: In definition of FriBidiChar values, states that
sign bit is reserved for user's private use, FRIBIDI_TYPE_PRIVATE
macro defined to check for this.
* run.tests: Changed to test fribidi with all test files in tests/
directory, and also automatically extract the character set from
the test's name.
* *.c, *.h: glib material replaced with their equivalents: gchar
replaced with char, gint replaced by int, ...
2001-12-11 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* FriBidi 0.9.1 released.
* changed the version to 0.9.1.
2001-12-10 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* fribidi.c: fixed a memory boundary bug (fix by Hidetoshi Tajima
* INSTALL: added a comment for how to install from CVS (suggested by
Omer Zak); cleaned up some vertical spacing.
* ChangeLog: changed Behdad's address to ''.
2001-08-23 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* acinclude.m4,,, ltconfig: Updated with
libtool-1.4 to configure under latest cygwin.
2001-05-29 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_get_type.c: Updated to use new 'fribidi_tables.i'.
* fribidi_utils.c: very small code cleanup.
2001-05-29 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* unidata/, fribidi_tables.i, Updated
for Unicode 3.1. Replace PropList parsing with UnicodeData parsing.
Unassigned characters are now treated as specified in Table 3-7 of
UAX #9.
* unidata/PropList.txt: removed.
* unidata/UnicodeData.txt: added.
2001-05-22 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_char_sets_utf8.c: Fixed a little bug in utf-8 -> unicode
2001-05-16 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c: Fixed a bug in rule W1, that caused W5 not to work
properly when adjacent to a NSM.
2001-05-06 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_types.h: Changed to use #define instead of enum's
work properly with machines with 16bit ints.
2001-04-13 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* Added Owen Taylor's patch to make warnings on
by default.
2001-04-12 Behdad Esfahbod <>
*, Changed to use getopt.* if no glibc.
* getopt.c, getopt.h, getopt1.c: Added to be used if no glibc.
2001-04-11 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* acinclude.m4: Added macro definitions of libtool.
*, Changed to use fribidi_mini_glib
whenever glib library not found.
* TODO: Removed done tasks.
2001-04-11 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_char_sets_*.c: Fixed bugs introduced in guchar to gchar
2001-04-10 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* *.c/*.h: Changed all "guchar"s to "gchar" and needed casts done.
* Added MAINTAINERCLEANFILES to remove files
"configure", "", "", "aclocal.m4" by
maintainer-clean target.
2001-04-07 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_main.c, fribidi_benchmark.c: Check for HAVE_CONFIG_H flag.
2001-04-03 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_mini_glib.h, fribidi_mini_glib.c: Added functions
for working with MemChunks, some more definitions of glib added.
* fribidi.c: No more dependency on FRIBIDI_USE_MINI_GLIB flag.
2001-04-01 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* Makefile.noglib: fribidi_types.c added to sources.
* fribidi.c: Fixed a bug in free_rl_list() when USE_SIMPLE_MALLOC
was set, that caused core dumps.
* fribidi_main.c: Option --nomirror added.
* fribidi_mini_glib.h: Fixed a bug that caused core dumps, the bug
was in macro definition #define g_new(T, n) malloc(n * sizeof(T)),
that caused g_new(X, n + 1) allocate (n + (1 * sizeof(X))) instead
of ((n + 1) * sizeof(X))!, that should be
#define g_new(T, n) malloc((n) * sizeof(T)).
* fribidi_mini_glib.h: Does not set USE_SIMPLE_ALLOC anymore.
* fribidi.c: Use g_malloc when FRIBIDI_USE_MINI_GLIB is set, but
still use the free_type_link_list, for efficiency.
2001-03-31 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi_benchmark.c: #included <stdarg.h>, to compile under cygwin.
* fribidi.c, fribidi.h: Changed fribidi_log2vis_get_embedding_levels()
to return TRUE if successful and FALSE otherwise.
* fribidi.c: Function bidi_string_strlen() removed, because we
have not assumed that a fribidi string is ended with char 0.
Fixed all the bugs that roozbeh found and some more. Some more
debug information added. All internal functions defined as static.
* fribidi_main.c: Set to do not allocate visual array, if --novisual
options set.
* .indent.par: Added, it helps program "indent" to change the
appearance of sources to GNU style, each typedef should be added
to this file too.
2001-03-31 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* fribidi.c, fribidi_benchmark.c, fribidi_char_set_cap_rtl.c:
removed some unused variables.
* fribidi_char_sets*.c, fribidi_main.c: #included <string.h>.
* fribidi.c, fribidi_char_sets_cap_rtl.c: added some comment lines
to places that bugs probably exist. find with searching for "--RP".
* COPYING.LIB: renamed to COPYING (based on a recent suggestion on
GNU web site).
* bootstrap: removed lines that suppressed warnings about missing
2001-03-30 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* Makefile.noglib: replaced by a new version from Dan Kenigsberg
* AUTHORS: added Dan Kenigsberg.
* '*.c', '*.h': changed all "//" comments to "/* */" pairs.
2001-03-30 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c, fribidi.h: Changed fribidi_log2vis() to return TRUE
if successful and FALSE otherwise.
* fribidi_main.c, fribidi_benchmark.c: Changed to use getopt library,
to handle command line parameters better.
* fribidi_main.c: Changed to if COLUMNS environment variable is
defined, use its value for text width.
2001-03-29 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c, fribidi_char_sets.h, fribidi_char_sets_cap_rtl.c,
fribidi_main.c, tests/test-CapRTL, tests/test-CapRTL.reference,
tests/test-hebrew, tests/test-hebrew.reference: Fixed a bug in
--clean that didn't remove RLM and LRM, and updated tests to reflect
this change.
* fribidi_main.c: Options --wltr and --wrtl added.
* TODO: A recently done task removed.
2001-03-29 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* fribidi-0.9.0: fribidi-0.9.0 released.
2001-03-28 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* bootstrap: swapped 'aclocal' and 'autoheader'. do not warn for
missing COPYING.
* COPYING: removed.
* COPYING.LIB: added.
* README, *.h, *.c, unidata/ changes to reflect LGPL.
* added 'bootstrap' to distribution.
2001-03-28 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* New target "fribidi_tables.i" defined to download
"unidata/BidiMirroring.txt" and "unidata/PropList.txt" if not
available, and call "unidata/" if needed to update
* fribidi_types.h, fribidi_types.c, fribidi_get_type.c,
unidata/ Define symbol MEM_OPTIMIZED added to
make Dov happy :-), if MEM_OPTIMIZED defined, fribidi_tables.i
entries will be guint8 instead of gint to free 27KB extra memory
that was used to make fribidi use bitmasks, the overhead will be
three array lookups instead of two, in fribidi_get_type().
* fribidi_main.c: Options --verbose and --basedir added.
Options --test and --caprtl updated.
* conformance/test_gen.c: File name changed to
* run.tests: Make to work with "make test" and "make check" when
making from other directories.
* fribidi.c: Rule L1 ("Reset the embedding levels") moved from
fribidi_log2vis() to fribidi_analyse_string(), to affect
fribidi_log2vis_get_embedding_levels() too. New functions
fribidi_mirroring_status() and fribidi_set_mirroring() added to
turn on or off mirroring (Rule L3). Changed to warn about too long
strings only if at least one of position_L_to_V_list or
position_V_to_L_list is asked.
* fribidi.h: Updated to reflect new functions in fribidi.c,
#include "config.h" removed, and added to each .c file that use it,
because config.h should not be included by other apps/libs.
* fribidi.c, fribidi_main.c, fribidi_benchmark.c: #included "config.h",
Now, --version options shows the options that library is compiled
* fribidi_types.h, fribidi.c, fribidi.h, fribidi_utils.c: TypeDefined
FriBidiStrIndex as guint16 and used for the type of
position_L_to_V_list and postition_V_to_L_list arrays.
2001-03-27 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* fribidi.h: Removed definition of PACKAGE and VERSION. #included
* Make "make dist" work.
2001-03-27 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c, fribidi_types.h: Some bugs introduced in the last
changes removed, "Resolving weak types" rewritten, no known
conformance bugs. Defined macros for external use, changed their
name to have a prefix of FRIBIDI_.
* fribidi.c, fribidi.h: Function fribidi_remove_explicits() added
to remove the explicit marks from a fribidi string.
* fribidi.c: Fixed a bug that caused position_l_to_v and
position_v_to_l not to calculated correctly.
* fribidi.h: Defined symbols PACKAGE and VERSION manually, autoconf
should set them, but I don't know how to.
* fribidi_char_sets.c, fribidi_char_sets.h, fribidi_char_sets_*:
Each charset moved to a pair of .c/.h file. CapRTL defined as a
character set for testing with the reference implementation, with
explicit marks escape strings, beware that it differs from the old
capital rtl, it is a character set, only for test, with the property
that contains all character types in ascii characters. Some
functions defined to make charset conversion easy. An interface
designed for adding new charsets.
* fribidi_main.c: API revised, many new options added,
Default charset changed to UTF-8
Option --caprtl simulates the old style (same as --charset CapRTL)
Option --test simulates the old test_fribidi (same as --fill
--showinput --clean)
Option --clean now works for all charsets.
Option --fill implemented.
Options --version, --showinput, --ltov, --vtol, --levels, --changes,
--novisual, --charsetdesc added.
Now use the charset conventions, lots of code removed.
* test_fribidi.c: Got removed! `fribidi --test' should be used
* fribidi_benchmark: Explicit support added, now benchmarks with
two strings, one without explicit marks and one with them.
* run.tests, tests/test-CapRTL, tests/test-CapRTL.reference,
tests/test-explicit, tests/test-explicit.reference,
tests/test-hebrew, tests/test-hebrew.reference: New test datas
added, for better testing of weak types and explicit support. Test
outputs updated for the new CapRTL character set. Test output for
test-hebrew added.
*, Updated to use fribidi instead of
test_fribidi for test targets. New files added.
* TODO: Some done tasks removed, some new tasks added!
2001-03-09 Dov Grobgeld <>
* fribidi_mini_glib.c, fribidi_mini_glib.h: Applied patch
received from Dan Kenigsberg <> that
allows compiling fribidi without glib if the flag
FRIBIDI_USE_MINI_GLIB is turned on. This option is currently
turned on when compiling through Makefile.noglib .
* TODO: Added the task of making autoconf automatically turn
on FRIBIDI_USE_MINI_GLIB if glib isn't found.
2001-03-07 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c: Removed dead codes, many parts rewritten more efficient,
including Resolving Neutrals, Resolving Implicit Levels and ....
* fribidi_types.h: Almost redefined, to use bitfields for char types,
and many macros defined for efficient querying about char types.
Some unused char types removed, also char types L, R, N converted
to LTR, RTL and ON everywhere.
* Changed to define tables as arrays of
FriBidiCharType instead of guchar.
* conformance/: Updated some scripts for automatic testing with
reference implementation.
2001-02-19 Behdad Esfahbod <>
* fribidi.c: Added support for all explicit marks (embeddings and
overrides), it means rules X1 .. X10 of specification.
* fribidi.c: Added support for L1 rule of specification, it's
resetting the char type of some characters, just before reordering.
* fribidi.c: Added 'AL' to types that change the paragraph embedding
level, it previously only checked for 'R'.
* fribidi.c: Define symbol NO_STDIO changed to DEBUG, to turn on or
off all debug codes compile time, also a function fribidi_set_debug,
turns on and off the debug output generations in run time.
* fribidi.c: Added some more debug information, all debug information
revised and go to stderr now.
* fribidi.c: Fixed a bug in rule W5, that is when some european
terminators are between some arabic letters and some european
* fribidi_main.c: Added support for inputting explicit marks, in
CapRTL charset mode.
* fribidi_main.c: Added command line option for debug mode.
* fribidi_main.c: Fixed a small bug that would annoy when the size
of original string may be different to the derived one.
* fribidi_main.c: Fixed a small bug in padding when the size of the
out string was more than the page width.
* fribidi_types.h: Added some types needed for debug info.
2001-02-19 Roozbeh Pournader <>
* changed to use BidiMirroring.txt instead
of UnicodeData.txt.
2000-11-12 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released fribidi-0.1.15.
* fribidi.c: [OZ] Applied Owen Taylor's patch from 2000-07-19 to
fribidi.c. The patch affects pp->prev rules for the last element
in cases W3 and W7.
* fribidi.c: [OZ] fribidi_log2vis() and
fribidi_log2vis_get_embedding_levels() now check for len==0 and if
so, they return immediately (instead of getting stuck).
* fribidi.c: [OZ] new_type_link() is now declared as
new_type_link(void) to prevent a compiler error message.
* fribidi.c: [OZ] The positions of the is_v2l_map and len
arguments in fribidi_map_range() prototype were switched around,
to conform to actual use in the source code file.
* fribidi.c: [OZ] The first argument to fribidi_is_char_rtl() was
changed from gint8 to guint8, to conform to data type returned by
* fribidi.c: [OZ] bidi_string_strlen() now uses gint rather than int.
* fribidi.c: [OZ] bidi_string_reverse() now uses gint rather than int.
* fribidi.c: [OZ] int16_array_reverse() is now guint16_array_reverse().
* fribidi.c: Added define symbols NO_STDIO, FRIBIDI_MAX_STRING_LENGTH,
USE_SIMPLE_MALLOC that may be used to effect what code is being
* fribidi_char_sets.h, fribidi_char_sets.c: Added Omer Zaks more
general ut8 to unicode and unicode to ut8 functions.
* fribidi.c: [OZ] Replaced int to gint to better support embedded
* Applied lots of code contributed by Omer Zak <>
detailed above.
2000-10-14 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released fribidi-0.1.14.
*, fribidi_tables.i: Applied a patch received
from Roozbeh Pournader <> (who has got
quite some courage sending an email from Iran to Israel) which
updates the character tables according to UnicodeData-3.0.1.txt .
* fribidi_char_sets.c: Cleaned up the mess and made it compile!
2000-10-09 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released fribidi-0.1.13 .
* acinclude.m4: Added file including a m4 macro for glib-2.0
as suggested by Owen Taylor.
* Added acinclude.m4 to extra sources.
* Changed it to use new macro.
2000-05-19 Dov Grobgeld <>
* fribidi_char_sets.c: Added support for the LRM and RLM
characters for the iso-8859-8 converts at unused positions
0xFE and 0xFF .
*, fribidi.c, fribidi_tables.i, fribidi_types.h:
Updated the algorithms to be consistance with the latest Unicode
Technical Report #9 release. Still no explicit overrides, but
hopefully the implicit algorithm now works according to the
*, fribidi_tables.i: Overwrote the character
bidi-assignment of all non-assigned characters within blocks with
the property of the previous character in order to create a few
more reused secondary lookup character tables.
*, fribidi.c, fribidi_tables.i: Added Owen
Taylor's speed patch that speeds up fribidi by a factor of 4!
Owen's patch consists of two parts. The first part is a double
table lookup scheme for accessing the character properties,
replacing the old binary search. The second part is a reuse of the
links in the character properties linked list in order to minimize
2000-05-02 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released fribidi-0.1.11 .
* Fixed one remaining bug in
2000-04-27 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released fribidi-0.1.10 .
* Added libtool configuration added by Manish Singh.
* Added sevaral arabic charset converts contributed by Pablo
2000-03-20 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released fribidi-0.1.9 .
2000-02-22 Dov Grobgeld <>
* fribidi_types.h: Changed basic type FriBidiChar to guint32
which corresponds to UCS4, which is more reasonable to use.
2000-02-21 Dov Grobgeld <>
* tests/test-capital-rtl: Added new tests to check percentage
signs and updated tests.reference to reflect this.
* fribidi.c(fribidi_analyse_string): Added the rule
EN,ET=>EN,EN which takes care of the problem of percentage
signs were put in the wrong place.
2000-02-20 Dov Grobgeld <>
* fribidi.c: Fixed several memory leaks found by Owen Taylor.
2000-01-01 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Added documentation of the utility functions to fribidi.h .
1999-12-24 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Added new function fribidi_is_char_rtl() that uses the
embedding levels or the base dir to determine the resolved
direction of a character.
* Added new function fribidi_xpos_resolve() to fribidi_utils
that is needed in an gui interaction to resolve a mouse event
to the proper logical and visual positions.
1999-12-21 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Added patches for UTF8 support contributed by
1999-12-05 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Added two new types FRIBIDI_TYPE_WL and FRIBIDI_TYPE_WR that
indicate weak directions. These directions are used if no strong
direction is found in the string.
* Changed analyse_string() to return base_type FRIBIDI_TYPE_N if
the base direction cannot be determined. It is then up to a higher
level protocol to determine the base direction.
1999-11-22 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released version 0.1.7.
* Added arabic support contributed by Pablo Saratxaga.
1999-06-20 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Created file fribidi_utils.c which will be used for common
patterns that are common in Bidi supported programs.
1999-04-28 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Fixed bug in fribidi_log2vis which occurred if only the v2l
array was requested and not the l2v array.
* Fixed bug in test_fribidi when using option test_vtol .
* Changed types in call to fribidi_log2vis to be more memory
* Added single character translation functions to fribidi_char_sets.
1999-04-10 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Changed building to use glib-config as glib-1.2 is now released.
* Added some short cut optimizations.
* Cleaned up the TYPE_RULE_C macro and used in in lots of places.
1999-02-09 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Added ./ to the execution of test_fribidi in run.tests.
1999-02-08 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released 0.1.3 to match the perl module FriBidi.
* Added length parameter to fribidi_unicode_to_iso8859_8().
* Fixed bug in fribidi.c related to zero length strings.
* Released 0.1.2.
* Added options -ltr and -rtl to fribidi to force LTR and RTL
* Added function fribidi_log2vis_get_embedding_levels() which
just returns an array of embedding levels.
* Added benchmark program.
* Added new check in test_fribidi that checks the changes
* Changed interface to fribidi_log2vis() to include length of
string on input and the embedding level of output.
* Added function fribidi_find_string_changes() which finds the
bounding box of the changes between two FriBidiStrings.
1999-01-19 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Added the option -bol to fribidi_main.c to print out stuff
in the beginning of a line.
1999-01-14 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Released version 0.1.1
* Added program fribidi as a command line interface to the library.
1999-01-13 Dov Grobgeld <>
* Added flag -nopad to test_fribidi to make it not insert spaces.
* Make P1 rules (ES and CS) work only if the span of the ES or
the CS is 1. This is the same as in Hebrew Windoze.
* Replaced all the ET rules with the simpler ET,EN=>EN,EN
* Added `gtk-config --cflags` and `gtk-config -ldflags` to
* Made test_fribidi read from stdin if no file given.
* Added options -outputonly to test_fribidi.
1999-01-11 Dov Grobgeld <>
* First Release!