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Before release:
* Use gtk-doc?
* Implement fribidi_wcwidth()?
* Port fribidi-main.c to new API.
* help2man.
Implementation issues:
* Add API to get and pass on TypeLink*, to not allocate bidi levels.
Something like that. Also the UTF-8 stuff from pango/mini-fribidi.
* Explore vis2log.
* Clean caprtl2utf8 to do arbitrary charset conversion?
* add --output-charset.
* Update README, etc...
* Mix __attr... with DLLIMPORT?
* Update all files headers/footers. For c/h files, lib/fribidi-mirroring.[ch]
is always the reference.
* In fribidi_main.c reorder after line break.
* Change fribidi-main cmd-line parameters: --mirror --no-mirror... change the
defaults too.
* Add an option to fribidi_main.c to assume two consecutive returns as
paragraph separators.
* Add more tests. For:
- Checking that not removing explicit marks in analyze is not changing the
output in anyway.
- Tests with BN. Right now ^ is BN in CapRTL scheme.
- Test tables.
* indent: support function attributes and _PARAMS like things. Also
* Cleanup*.c files.
* Override pkgincludedir and append interface version. Should we go the GNOME
parallel install way?
* c2man: parse Author and Copyright from the whole file.
* Write texinfo documentation.
* Set up web pages, and update the entry in Free Software Directory.
* Use gengetopt.
* Add FriBidiEnv functionality at compile time. Also, ifdef out the memory
cleanup stuff if asked to fail on memory allocation failure (xmalloc). When
this is done, FRIBIDI_GNUC_WARN_UNUSEDS can be turned off conditionally.
* Generate HTML and DVI documentation.
* Rewrite
* Add make rules for lib/$(BUILT_SOURCES) to depend on stuff?
* When called in interactive mode, fribidi cmd-line should greet, write
about copyrtight stuff, and shared-libs' version and Unicode version.
* Configure with host=build to avoid cross-compiling table
* Replace test/run.tests with something better, Makefile foo, etc.
* Clean up README and NEWS, and check all files' headers. Write Also add UniData license file.
From GNU Coding Standards:
* The distribution should contain a file named `README' which gives the name
of the package, and a general description of what it does. It is also good
to explain the purpose of each of the first-level subdirectories in the
package, if there are any. The `README' file should either state the version
number of the package, or refer to where in the package it can be found.
* Add ^L to all sources.