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Getting shellduino

You can check it out from GitHub or get the latest snapshot from shellduino.org
In order to use it you’ll need:

  • A *nix based operating system
  • git (e.g. package git-core on Debian/Ubuntu)
  • make
  • binutils-avr
  • avr-gcc
  • avr-libc
  • avrdude
  • perl

Then you can check out the source code by executing the following in your working directory:
$ git clone git://github.com/frickel/shellduino-skel.git

That’s it. Easy – isn’t it?

Creating a new project with shellduino

In the directory you’ve checked out shellduino do:

$ cp -r shellduino-skel/* /home/you/yourworkdir

Now feel free to edit the helloworld.pde
Don’t forget to change TARGET=helloworld to TARGET=newname, where newname
is the new filename, in the Makefile if you’ve changed the filename of the *.pde source.

Building and Uploading your Project to the Microcontroller

In order to build it run:

$ make

and upload it to the *duino:

$ make flash

You’re finished.