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A library for working with Data Packages in Julia.

Initially this package is primarily targeted and depends on TableSchema.jl, where you can find the common Design Document for these libraries. Support for other types of data packages is to follow.


  • Package class for working with data packages
  • Resource class for working with data resources
  • Profile class for working with profiles
  • validate function for validating data package descriptors
  • infer function for inferring data package descriptors


🚧 This package is pre-release and under heavy development. Please visit the issues page to contribute and make suggestions. For questions that need to a real time response, reach out via Gitter. Thanks! 🚧

Please visit our wiki for a list of related projects that we are tracking, and suggest use cases there or as enhancement issues.


Install the TableSchema package.

Clone this repository and enter it:

$ git clone && cd DataPackage.jl

See examples folder and unit tests in runtests.jl for current usage, e.g.:

$ julia examples/basic.jl

Running tests:

$ julia -L src/DataPackage.jl test/runtests.jl