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Data Package Manager - in JavaScript

NPM Package

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dpm is a library and command line manager for Data Packages.

Starting from v0.8.0 package on NPM has been renamed to dpmjs.


dpm is implemented in node, so to install dpm just do:

npm install dpmjs -g

Command Line Usage

To get an overview and list of commands check out the command line help:

dpm --help

Using DPM programaticaly

You can also use dpm programatically.

var Dpm = require('dpmjs');
var dpm = new Dpm(conf);

dpm.install(['mydpkg@0.0.0', 'mydata@1.0.0'], {cache: true}, function(err, dpkgs){
dpm.on('log', console.log); //if you like stuff on stdout


  • v0.8.0: renamed to dpmjs on NPM
  • v0.7.0: new ckan command
  • v0.6.0: much better validation via v0.2 of datapackage-validate


Previous dpm (python-based) can still be found at