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import dropbox
from pprint import pprint
from tabulator import Stream
from goodtables import Inspector, preset
# 1. Create app to generate access token at
# 2. And add some csv files to FOLDER on dropbox
ACCESS_TOKEN = '<insert-access-token>'
FOLDER = '/goodtables'
# Get dropbox client
client = dropbox.dropbox.Dropbox(ACCESS_TOKEN)
def dropbox_preset(source, **options):
warnings = []
tables = []
for item in client.files_list_folder(source).entries:
if item.path_lower.endswith('.csv'):
url = client.files_get_temporary_link(item.path_lower).link
'source': url,
'stream': Stream(url, headers=1, format='csv'),
'schema': None,
'extra': {
'folder': source,
return warnings, tables
inspector = Inspector(custom_presets=[dropbox_preset])
report = inspector.inspect(FOLDER, preset='dropbox')