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Data Package Tools for Google Sheets


First make sure to enable the Google Apps Script API in your Google account.

Animation of toggling the Google Apps Script API option to "On"

Now install clasp and login.

$ npm i -g @google/clasp
$ clasp login

Note: clasp is also a dependency of this add-on, but having it available globally is more convenient than calling ./node_modules/.bin/clasp.

Clone this repo, navigate to the root folder and create a new standalone Google Apps Script project via clasp.

$ git  clone
$ cd googlesheets-datapackage-tools
$ clasp create --type standalone --title "Data Package Tools" --rootDir ./dist

Lastly, install the dependencies and run the start task.

$ npm i
$ npm start

This kicks off nodemon that does two things whenever a file in the src folder changes:

  1. Tell webpack to build the add-on into the dist folder.
  2. Let clasp push this folder to the Google cloud.

You are done 🎉 The Data Package Tools are ready to be tested.



$ npm test

first executes unit tests and then calls clasp open. I call the latter blatantly test:e2e, but it is of course not a real automated end-to-end test. Read on how to test the Data Package Tools out in the wild, though.

End-to-end Testing

clasp has opened the Data Package Tools project. Click Run and then Test as add-on to fire up the testing dialog.

Screenshot of Google’s Apps Script editor highlighting the item "Test as add-on"

Leave all the default settings, press Select Doc to choose a spreadsheet you want to test against and hit Save. Now choose the test you just created and hit Test.

You can now play around with the Data Package Tools as if they where installed via the Chrome Store.


Extension for importing and exporting Data Packages from/into Google Sheets.



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