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"""useful model for JSON Table Schema."""
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import json
import warnings
from . import types
from . import helpers
from . import exceptions
from .validate import validate
class SchemaModel(object):
"""Model for a JSON Table Schema.
Providers handy helpers for ingesting, validating and outputting
JSON Table Schemas:
* schema_source (string or dict): A filepath, url or dictionary
that represents a schema
* case_insensitive_headers (bool): if True, headers should be
considered case insensitive, and `SchemaModel` forces all
headers to lowercase when they are represented via a model
instance. This setting **does not** mutate the actual strings
that come from the the input schema_source, so out put methods
such as as_python and as_json are **not** subject to this flag.
NULL_VALUES = [None] + helpers.NULL_VALUES
TRUE_VALUES = [True] + helpers.TRUE_VALUES
'format': 'default',
'type': 'string'
def __init__(self, schema_source, case_insensitive_headers=False):
# DEPRECATED [v0.7-v1)
message = 'Class models.SchemaModel is deprecated [v0.7-v1)'
warnings.warn(message, UserWarning)
self.schema_source = schema_source
self.case_insensitive_headers = case_insensitive_headers
_as_python = self._to_python()
if _as_python is None:
raise exceptions.InvalidJSONError
except exceptions.SchemaValidationError:
raise exceptions.InvalidSchemaError
self.as_python = self._expand(_as_python)
self.as_json = json.dumps(self.as_python)
def headers(self):
_raw = [f['name'] for f in self.as_python.get('fields')]
if self.case_insensitive_headers:
return [name.lower() for name in _raw]
return _raw
def required_headers(self):
_raw = [f['name'] for f in self.as_python.get('fields')
if f.get('constraints', {}).get('required')]
if self.case_insensitive_headers:
return [name.lower() for name in _raw]
return _raw
def primaryKey(self):
return self.as_python.get('primaryKey')
def foreignKeys(self):
return self.as_python.get('foreignKeys')
def fields(self):
return [f for f in self.as_python.get('fields')]
def cast(self, field_name, value, index=0):
"""Return the cast value or raise an exception if value can't be cast
as the field_name's type."""
_type = self.get_type(field_name, index=index)
return _type.cast(value)
def get_field(self, field_name, index=0):
"""Return the `field` object for `field_name`.
`index` allows accessing a field name by position, as JTS allows
duplicate field names.
return [f for f in self.fields if f['name'] == field_name][index]
except IndexError:
return None
def has_field(self, field_name):
"""Return boolean if the field exists in the schema."""
return bool(self.get_field(field_name))
def get_type(self, field_name, index=0):
"""Return the `type` for `field_name`."""
_field = self.get_field(field_name, index=index)
_class = self._type_map()[_field['type']]
return _class(_field)
def get_fields_by_type(self, type_name):
"""Return all fields that match the given type."""
return [f for f in self.fields if f['type'] == type_name]
def get_constraints(self, field_name, index=0):
"""Return the `constraints` object for `field_name`."""
return self.get_field(field_name, index=index).get('constraints')
def _to_python(self):
"""Return schema as a Python data structure (dict)."""
return helpers.load_json_source(self.schema_source)
except Exception:
return None
def _expand(self, schema):
"""Expand the schema with additional default properties."""
for field in schema.get('fields', {}):
# ensure we have a default type if no type was declared
if not field.get('type'):
field['type'] = self.DEFAULTS['type']
# ensure we have a default format if no format was declared
if not field.get('format'):
field['format'] = self.DEFAULTS['format']
return schema
def _type_map():
"""Map a JSON Table Schema type to a JTSKit type class."""
return {
'string': types.StringType,
'number': types.NumberType,
'integer': types.IntegerType,
'boolean': types.BooleanType,
'null': types.NullType,
'array': types.ArrayType,
'object': types.ObjectType,
'date': types.DateType,
'time': types.TimeType,
'datetime': types.DateTimeType,
'geopoint': types.GeoPointType,
'geojson': types.GeoJSONType,
'any': types.AnyType
def convert_row(self, *items, **kwargs):
fail_fast = kwargs.pop('fail_fast', False)
if len(self.headers) != len(items):
raise exceptions.ConversionError(
'The number of items to convert does not match the number of '
'fields given in the schema\n'
'headers : {0} - {1}\nitems : {2} - {3}'.format(
len(self.headers), self.headers, len(items), items
errors = []
for field_name, item in zip(self.headers, items):
yield self.cast(field_name, item)
except exceptions.InvalidCastError as e:
if fail_fast:
if errors:
raise exceptions.MultipleInvalid(errors=errors)
def convert(self, rows, fail_fast=False):
errors = []
for row in rows:
yield list(self.convert_row(*row, fail_fast=fail_fast))
except exceptions.MultipleInvalid as e:
except exceptions.ConversionError as e:
if fail_fast:
if errors:
raise exceptions.MultipleInvalid(errors=errors)