[jts] Add constraints.oneOf #175

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pwalsh commented Apr 8, 2015


where oneOf would be an array of values, each of the same type/format of the field.


    "name": "field_name"
    "constraints": {
        "oneOf": ["this", "that", "other"]

Here is an example in a schema that I'm experimenting with.


Implementors of the spec would ensure that:

  • Each item in the oneOf array is of the same type/format as the field declares for its values
  • That the value of the field is in the oneOf array


JSON Schema has enum (example) and oneOf (example)

What I called oneOf above is probably more like an enum in JSON Schema. I prefer the oneOf terminology here as it fits with the more descriptive, human-oriented nature of the JTS spec, but, I'm easy.


I would move for immediate inclusion as seems a small and very sensible addition.

@paulfitz any thoughts?

@pwalsh are you happy to submit a PR?

pwalsh commented Apr 8, 2015

Yes, will do pull request.


this is a very common case, good to have a way to express it.

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