UTF-8 encoding not compatible with RFC4180; not clear #204

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RFC4180 states that the acceptable bytes of a CSV field are

TEXTDATA = %x20-21 / %x23-2B / %x2D-7E
(also COMMA / CR / LF / 2DQUOTE if the field is quoted)

Any UTF-8 encoded string which is not equivalent to its (7-bit) ASCII encoding will not match this pattern. In addition, it is not clear whether UTF-8 encoded strings which contain control characters other than CR/LF are permissable or not.

It should be clearly documented that this change from the RFC has occurred. I would expect TEXTDATA to be redefined as something like "a valid UTF-8 code unit that is not COMMA, CR, LF, or DQUOTE"

This would also permit the use of control characters; i.e. characters 0-31 and 127, excluding CR and LF. Via the RFC, it is currently forbidden to use tabs in fields, for example.

It is also worth noting that the RFC also mandates:

  • commas as separators
  • using CRLF as a line ending
    These are also potential areas where the dataprotocols spec permits the file to violate the RFC.

this is mostly nargling over details, mind.


@scraperdragon good point. Would you like to submit a pull request or do you have specific wording changes you would recommend?

pwalsh commented Mar 7, 2016

@danfowler @rgrp can we move to clarify this? UTF-8 encoding and alternate separators are so important to the application of CSV and the data protocol specs in general, that we should be explicit in how we diverge from RFC4180.

@rufuspollock rufuspollock self-assigned this Mar 7, 2016

@pwalsh @scraperdragon what do we think of changing the start of the CSV section to the following:

CSV files included in a Tabular Data Package package MUST conform to [RFC 4180
"Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files"][rfc4180]
subject to the following exceptions and additions.


-   Files MUST be encoded as UTF-8 (the RFC requires 7-bit ASCII) 
-   The standard line terminator character can be LF or CRLF (the RFC allows CRLF only)
-   Files MAY (but SHOULD NOT) deviate from standard CSV in terms of delimiters
    (e.g. tab rather than ","), quote characters and other parameters (see below)
pwalsh commented Mar 7, 2016

@rgrp LGTM

@rufuspollock rufuspollock added a commit that closed this issue Mar 7, 2016
@rufuspollock rufuspollock [tdp][s]: no substantive change but clarify deviations from CSV RFC -…
… fixes #204.

* spec allows for CSV files that are not "strict" CSV as per CSV RFC (e.g. tab instead of "," as separator)
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