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Frida core library intended for static linking into bindings.

  • Lets you inject your own JavaScript instrumentation code into other processes, optionally with your own C code for performance-sensitive bits.
  • Acts as a logistics layer that packages up GumJS into a shared library.
  • Provides a two-way communication channel for talking to your scripts, if needed, and later unload them.
  • Also lets you enumerate installed apps, running processes, and connected devices.
  • Written in Vala, with OS-specific glue code in C/Objective-C/asm.


Typically used through one of the available language bindings:


$ pip install frida-tools # CLI tools
$ pip install frida # Python bindings
$ npm install frida # Node.js bindings

Or, for static linking into your own project written in a C-compatible language, download a devkit from the Frida releases page.


For a higher level view of the internals, check out the architecture diagram and its links to the different parts of the codebase.