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Shift planning system for chaos events.
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Please visit for a feature list.

To report bugs use engelsystem/issues



  • PHP >= 7.1
    • Required modules:
      • dom
      • json
      • mbstring
      • PDO
        • mysql
      • tokenizer
      • xml/libxml/SimpleXML
      • xmlwriter
  • MySQL-Server >= 5.7.8 or MariaDB-Server >= 10.2.2
  • Webserver, i.e. lighttpd, nginx, or Apache

Additional requirements if you want to build the project by yourself

  • Node >= 8 (Development/Building only)
  • Yarn (Development/Building only)
  • PHP Composer (Development/Building only)

This should be included in your node install

  • npm (Development/Building only)



  • Go to the Releases page and download the latest stable release file.
  • Extract the files to your webroot and continue with the directions for configurations and setup.

Latest unstable

The following instructions explain how to get, build and run the latest engelsystem version directly from the git master branch (may be unstable!).

  • Clone the master branch: git clone
  • Install Composer and Yarn (which requires Node.js)
  • Install project dependencies:
    composer install
    On production systems it is recommended to use
    composer install --no-dev
    composer dump-autoload --optimize
    to install the engelsystem
  • Build the frontend assets
    yarn build

Configuration and Setup

  • The webserver must have write access to the import and storage directories and read access for all other directories

  • The webserver must point to the public directory.

  • The webserver must read the .htaccess file and mod_rewrite must be enabled

  • Recommended: Directory Listing should be disabled.

  • There must a be MySQL database created with a user who has full rights to that database.

  • If necessary, create a config/config.php to override values from config/config.default.php.

    • To remove values from the footer_items, available_themes, locales, tshirt_sizes or headers lists the config file has to be renamed.
  • To import the database the bin/migrate script has to be called. If you are not allowed to execute scripts, then execute the install-<version>.sql script. Download at Releases page.

  • In the browser, login with credentials admin:asdfasdf and change the password.

Engelsystem can now be used.

Session Settings:

  • Make sure the config allows for sessions.
  • Both Apache and Nginx allow for different VirtualHost configurations.


Since the engelsystem is open source, you can help to improve the system. We really love to get pull requests containing fixes or implementations of our Github issues.

Please create single pull requests for every feature instead of creating one big monster of pull request containing a complete rewrite.


To run the unit tests use

vendor/bin/phpunit --testsuite Unit

If a database is configured and the engelsystem is allowed to mess around with some files, you can run feature tests. The tests can potentially delete some database entries, so they should never be run on a production system!

vendor/bin/phpunit --testsuite Feature
# or for unit- and feature tests:

CI & Build Pipeline

The engelsystem can be tested and automatically deployed to a testing/staging/production environment. This functionality requires a GitLab server with a working docker runner.

To use the deployment features the following secret variables need to be defined (if undefined the step will be skipped):

SSH_PRIVATE_KEY         # The ssh private key
STAGING_REMOTE          # The staging server, e.g.
STAGING_REMOTE_PATH     # The path on the remote server, e.g. /var/www/engelsystem
PRODUCTION_REMOTE       # Same as STAGING_REMOTE but for the production environment
PRODUCTION_REMOTE_PATH  # Same as STAGING_REMOTE_PATH but for the production environment

Docker container

To build the engelsystem and the engelsystem-nginx container:

cd contrib
docker-compose build

or to build the containers separately

docker build -f contrib/nginx/Dockerfile . -t engelsystem-nginx
docker build -f contrib/Dockerfile . -t engelsystem

Import database

docker exec -it engelsystem bin/migrate



The bin/ script can be used to deploy the engelsystem. It uses rsync to deploy the application to a server over ssh.

For usage see ./bin/ -h


The bin/migrate script can be used to import and update the database of the engelsystem.

For more information on how to use it call ./bin/migrate help


We use gettext. You may use POEdit to extract new texts from the sourcecode. Please config POEdit to extract also the twig template files using the following settings:


Please ensure that your pull requests follow PSR-2 and PSR-4.

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